Fortress Investment Group Takes Philanthropy as a Discipline, Second from Investment Management

Since Randal Nardone established Fortress Investment Group, he has been at the limelight of the industry, with people trying to emulate his leadership skills. His skills in leadership have been excellent. He has been very keen on ensuring that the leadership of the company would not be affected by the retirement of the existing leaders. For this reason, Randal Nardone has taken the initiative of training the young members of staff at the Fortress Investment Group to ensure that there is a solid succession plan in place. Every month, the company must hold some rigorous training in leadership skills. This training is meant for all the youthful employees of the company with the aim of ensuring that a succession plan is in place.

Most of the achievements that Fortress Investment Group have made involve Randal in one way or the other. For instance, the acquisition transactions that the company has done would be more complex and difficult to handle without the existence of Randal Nardone. This was because he was the man behind the legal interpretation of the processes and documentation that were necessary for the transactions to be effected. Nardone provided the company with the legal advice concerning the impact and implications of any deal that the management contemplated undertaking. This expertise was founded at the Boston University where Randal pursued his career in law and later graduated with a Juris Degree in the same discipline. He would then practice law extensively at one of the boutique law firms in New York, Thacher Proffitt & Wood. In this law firm, Randal Nardone got the momentum and gained a lot of popularity in the practice of law.

At Thacher Proffitt & Wood, Randal helped the clients in matters relating to corporate governance and the processing of employees’ compensation. Apart from the career work in Fortress Investment Group, Randal Nardone is also a philanthropist. He has been conducting activities that are geared towards raising funds that are used to help the underprivileged families in the society. The kind of assistance that he gives to these families includes funding their children’s education so that they can become dependable individuals in the future.

Paul Mampilly Says The Robot Workforce Is Coming To A Company Near You

Robots in the workforce are starting to become a real initiative with one particular lab that stock expert and Banyan Hill editor Paul Mampilly has started looking closely at. He attended a recent investors symposium where he conducted a demonstration that involved the aid of a full-sized robot that he explained would be changing the future of labor. He noted that though these robots have not quite become regulars at all local companies, they are in the middle of a mass production boom right now and soon could flood the market. Mampilly said investors should capitalize on that now by buying ETFs like the Robo Global Robotics & Automation ETF.

Paul Mampilly said once in an interview that he likes being able to share his knowledge because he can give people the kind of perspective they won’t get from most general business and news television shows. He had spent 20 years on Wall Street offering advice and managing accounts for some of the top executives and fortune 500 companies during that time. Mampilly was actually born in India and was given the chance to attain success by completing his bachelor’s degree at Montclair State University and subsequently becoming an account administrator at Banker’s Trust. He also served at Deutsche Bank and ING and then took a high ranking position at Kinetics Asset Management where he grew $6 billion in AUM to $25 billion. Paul Mampilly was noted for winning the Templeton Foundation investment competition in 2009, buying stocks in Facebook, OLED Universal, CEMEX and Sarepta Therapeutics. He also saved his portfolio gains right before the 2000 dot-com crash and also predicted the 2008 housing crisis.

Paul Mampilly grew tired of doing the same thing over and over on Wall Street and not spending more time with his family, so he retired in 2012 and four years later became a contributor for Banyan Hill. His newsletters there have helped many working Americans build up wealth for their future, and he also allows them to see his own portfolio in his videos. You can find out more about Mampilly’s newsletters and his latest investment recommendations by following his Twitter handle @Mampillyguru.

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Wes Edens a Business Mogul with an Innovative Touch

Wes Edens is an American business mogul, with interests in financial services, media, sports, healthcare, transportation, and infrastructure. He is among the founders of Fortress Investment Group, in 1998. He has also worked for Lehman brothers where he specialized in a lending mortgage. He has also worked for BlackRock Financial Management, Inc. among other American corporate giants.

His outstanding leadership skills have seen him succeed in every company he forms or joins. At Fortress, he has been instrumental in re-energizing the financial structure of the company, that enabled it to acquire other companies within two decades. Recently, Softbank Corporation, a Japanese corporate bought Fortress investment group.

Wes Edens studied a bachelor of science finance and business administration at Oregon State University and completed in 1984. That prepared him for a successful career in the finance and investment world. Wes Edens worked in the prestigious financial institution for over ten years and sharpened his management skills in running his own companies. He has been at Fortress investment group since 1998 where he has helped drive the mission of the private equity.

Recently, Wes Edens launched Brightline, one of the most innovative passenger train services company in America. Brightline train has changed the way people commute and transformed the economy. Its estimated that over 50 million people who travel each year, between southern California and Las Vegas stand to benefit. These include opening up economic opportunities for real estate and schools, as well as other environmental benefits to the region. Brightline project was financed through Fortress Investment group. Other Wes’s investments in sports arena included, Bucks Aston Villa, an English Championship side and restored their lost glory, and

Wes Adens is a seasoned philanthropist, where is involved in supporting programs aimed at creating an impact in the community. He has all along supported the nonprofit sector organizations focusing on healthcare and education. Among the groups he supports are Autism Speaks and National Multiple Sclerosis Society.

Learn How NGP Van Can Boost Your Political Campaign

What Is NGP Van


If you’re into politics there are many ways to boost your campaign. Technology is playing a major role in every corner of society across the globe. The same interactive technology is great for politicians trying to get their message to the masses. In fact, using the new NGP technology will help politicians get their message across the nation. The use of technology can make all the difference in the type of information and the extent of your audience. You’re knocking on doors over the internet with a digital partner. For the past 5 years, this type of technology has been very beneficial to many democratic nominees and nonprofit organizations.


Raise the money you need and get the maximum benefits from each and every campaign. They utilize the use of emails from a strategic list put together by their team of professional experts. You’ll get real-time stats to see what others have to say about you and your campaign. You can also use your own email list to target your unique following of supporters. Learn exactly where your support is coming from with details on the effectiveness of your campaign.


Maximize your prospects and fundraising abilities over a broad spectrum. The NGP Van technology is supported by the assistance of nonprofits. Their platform was built around the use of the top field of experts in fundraising and superior campaign resources utilized by technology. For example, your supporters can make donations with one click email opportunities. Their charitable contribution delivery continues to go unmatched. The NGP Van technology stands the best in their class for over 15,000+ campaign experts. They’re a team of recognized organized professionals. There has been no campaign technology that has been able to come close to NGP Van.


Other NGP Van Technology Resources


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By being the best in their class they’ve worked with many professional organizations. You can take pledges and grants from directly over the internet. Plus, their clients have the opportunity to use secondary emails to turn your supporters into donations. Many nonprofits today are interested in ways to maximize their campaign tools. You can use their interactive NGP Van website to learn more about their many campaigns and nonprofit features and services today.

Paul Mampilly on the Use of Blockchain Technology in the Health Sector

Paul Mampilly is an author of many business-related articles with the aim of helping his readers to make informed investment decisions. Paul Mampilly works as an editor at the Banyan Hill Publishing. Blockchain has become a global topic and is gaining prominence. It is a form of digital record-keeping. It was developed in 2008 to avoid the challenges of the traditional record-keeping. With the blockchain technology, you can keep track of many transactions and make entries easy for use by the public. It facilitates the use of cryptocurrencies. Privacy is a concern for many people in the digital era and the use of blockchain guarantees that. You can transact online without exposing your personal information to the third parties.

Many organizations have also adopted the innovation to ensure that they are safe from cyber security threats such as hacking. A person can only access your information if only you permit them to do so. Unlike some other innovations in the market today, you can set some conditions upon which the users can retrieve the information provided. For that reason, the cases of medical fraud are expected to reduce significantly. The blockchain technology is expected to affect several industries in the country. Some investors in the medical industry are already working on how on its application in service delivery. Paul MamPilly has written articles on the innovation.

In one of the articles, he talks about the benefits of using E-pills. Paul Mampilly reveals that the blockchain technology could benefit the patients by informing them about the effectiveness of prescription medications. According to him, it would involve the use of pills fitted with digital sensors that would be linked to a mobile application where you can view the details on whether the capsules will work well or whether there is a need to seek further medical advice. The medical practitioners can access the information conveyed by the digital sensors, and that will help them to identify the patients who fail to follow the recommended prescriptions. The drug manufacturers can also use the data to produce the ones that are more effective.

Dr. Mark Mckenna: A Doctor and Entrepreneur Who Is Committed to Revolutionizing the Healthcare Industry.

Recently, technology has been causing positive disruptions across industries. Each activity that human being perform has been influenced in some way by technology. These changes have resulted in increased efficiency in our everyday life. Activities are carried in reduced time and cost. The healthcare industry has not been left behind. Dr. Mark McKenna is working on a project that could revolutionize the healthcare sector.

Dr. Mark McKenna has, in the last two years, focused his energies on providing world-class services for individuals that are for aesthetics services and wellness treatment. He founded OVME, pronounced as Of-me, in 2007 to provide these services. When coming up with this idea, Dr. Mark wanted to disrupt the healthcare industry just as Uber disrupted the transport industry or Deliveroo disrupted the food industry.

Dr. Mark McKenna has assembled a qualified team of experts to work in OVME. He assures his clients that he is committed to giving them quality services. Dr. Mark provides a safe and comfortable environment for conducting cosmetic surgeries. Dr. Mark’s team provides customized services to the clients and at times even go out of their way to accommodate the client’s schedule.

To help improve efficiency, Dr. Mark McKenna is currently working on on-demand apps. The apps will make consultation services readily available to anyone. Dr. Mark is aiming at providing consultation services through the app. Consultation services will be remotely available. He says that he will enlist only qualified practitioners to provide these services to the clients. This innovation will significantly help the clients who may want aesthetics services but are constrained by time.

Previously, Dr. Mark McKenna worked for his father, who was also a doctor. This duration was after he had graduated from Tulane University Medical School. While he was a student at the university, he had ventured into real estate. The business flourished, but he was forced to rethink this venture after hurricane Katrina wiped out his investments. These entrepreneurial skills have been of great help when managing OVME.


The Entrepreneurial Mind of Chris Burch

Chris Burch nearly defines the term entrepreneurial. Founder and CEO of Burch Creative Capital, Chris Burch has helped to develop and build many companies in a number of different industries including: housing, apparel, food, office supplies, and hospitality. He has helped individuals, such as Ellen DeGeneres; launch their businesses as well as creating a few of his own.

Owner of Nihiwatu, a luxury resort on the island of Sumba in Indonesia, Burch believes that offering his customers great experiences is more important than just offering products, refer to ( This belief has carried over into another of his companies, Cocoon9. Cocoon9 is a housing company that offers tiny luxury prefab homes. These miniature houses are a perfect example of quality over quantity; Cocoon9 homes provide luxury living in small, efficiently sized, and exquisitely designed packages.

Throughout his nearly forty years of business experience, Burch has developed a good sense about what is important in life and what matters most in looking for new investments. His advice for others who want to follow in his footsteps is to always listen, useful reference on He suggests that a good knowledge of people, and what motivates them, will help to curate successful businesses and strong investments. According to Burch, the best way to gain this knowledge is through listening. He also recommends moving toward your dreams confidently and taking some risks. Taking risks does not always lead to the desired success, but one can learn, even though failure, so the risks are definitely worth it.

Burch uses his knowledge about people and business to spot and cultivate new ideas. Burch Creative Capital is a company designed to help build other companies and to encourage growth among up-and-coming entrepreneurs. Burch contributes the creation of Burch Creative Capital to his own natural curiosity and desire to take notice of products and services that can be improved. Burch Creative Capital has helped launch more than fifty brands and is continuing to seek new and exciting ideas every day. Chris Burch is also an active philanthropist through Burch Creative Capital, contributing to projects such as The Sumba Foundation, NYU Langone, and the China Association of Social Work.

Dr. Saad Saad: Caring About the Health of Children

Dr. Saad Saad was born in the 1940s in Palestine at the time Israel was founded as a nation. The consequences of this were that many Palestinian natives would be uprooted from their homes. This would be the fate for Dr. Saad and his family. While his father was traveling to find employment, his mother and the kids were told to leave their home. They were separated from their father, who would have to pay a man who owned a boat a substantial sum of money to be reunited with his family.


After being forced to leave their home, Dr. Saad and his family moved to Kuwait. His family proved to be fortunate because his father was able to find work there as a petroleum mechanic. This was the time when the world realized the oil potential in the Middle East region and his father’s skills were heavily demanded. Dr. Saad would spend many years growing up in Kuwait. His father would often encourage him to do well in school, so he could be whatever he wanted to be in life.


Dr. Saad would recall the day he made up his mind to become a doctor. He was in high school at the time and one day he went with a sibling to earn some money by working at a construction site. It was an extremely hot summer day and the heat took its toll on Dr. Saad. He passed out due to a heat stroke. He realized that he would have to study hard in school because he was not cut out to do manual work in the heat. He had also figured out that the only air conditioning in the entire country at that time was in an operation room. It was this realization that gave him the motivation to become a doctor.


Dr. Saad Saad said that one of the habits he developed that enabled him to be successful was time management. He learned how to manage his time as efficiently as he could. He knew that a solid work ethic would eventually bring about success, so he lived to make every minute of his day count. After he moved to the United States he made a goal to become a board certified children’s surgeon. He was fluent in English and Arabic which helped him get considered to be the personal pediatric doctor for the royal family in Saudi Arabia. This was an extremely significant position to take and he would hold it until 1989.


Dr. Saad Saad later returned to the United States and contemplated on ways that he could help his patients in reducing their pain and lower the time it took for them to recover. He would create new techniques that made his care more efficient. His passion for medicine has carried him through his over forty years practicing medicine and he has saved the lives of thousands of children.

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A Successful Growth Journey for OSI Industries into Global Recognition

OSI Industries presents one of the most intriguing success stories in the American economic history. It traces its history from the American immigrant experience. The company started as a butcher shop serving the Chicago neighborhoods into a major corporate business in the 20th century. It operated under Otto & Son’s family business name. Today, OSI operates as one of the leading food production company all around the globe. The company still continues to evolve and expand internationally in the modern era of globalization.

Over the years, OSI Industries seeks to establish and maintain sustainable food production processes. Through various innovations in its growth journey, OSI greatly appreciates the opportunities as well as challenges that involve the cutting-edge technology. One of the most significant milestones in OSI’s global presence is when it was contracted as a major supplier for McDonald’s first restaurant chains.

In the recent 2016 listing by Forbes, OSI emerged as number 58 among the largest private companies. It is worth 6.1 billion dollars. The company’s efforts to incorporate new technology in its operations greatly contribute to its growth. The adoption of liquidated nitrogen cryogenic freezing model technology enhanced the food production, storage and transportation processes in the firm. The decision by Otto & Sons to seek funding for the technological advancements brought Lavin’s expertise to the company.

Moreover, OSI has received several prestigious awards following its sustainability efforts. Such awards include the Globe of Honor Award from British Safety Council, North American Meat Institute Environmental Awards and the Global Visionary Award presented to Lavin, among others. Additionally, the company’s growth heavily relies on various joint venture and acquisitions.

OSI Industries thrives under the management of experienced and committed leaders. David McDonald and Sheldon Lavin play a key role in the growth and development as well as the future sustainability of the company. The company also takes pride in a diverse team of about 20,000 skilled employees worldwide. The workers are tasked with services in the 65 facilities across 17 different countries. OSI also maintains customer relations and always aims at generating new innovative ideas for client satisfaction.

OSI Industries has a solid base into future growth and sustainability into the international markets.


Understanding Peter Briger’s rise to the top

Peter Briger or Pete as he is known among friends is considered as one of the most influential business leaders in America. Forbes magazine, in fact, named him among the top 400 most influential list. His success in the financial and investment sector has in large part driven this influence.

Peter Briger began his career at Goldman Sachs. This was immediately after graduating with a B.A from Princeton University. After his graduation in 1986, he knew that he had to pursue a career in finance. Goldman Sachs was the perfect place to start, and as such he had no problem accepting an entry-level graduate program at the bank. Over the next ten all so years he worked his way up, and by 1996 he had made partner. At this point, opportunities started coming his way. It was now easier for him to get into various committees within the bank as well as other leadership positions.

It was at this time that he realized he needs to advance his academic credentials as it would give him a better footing in the corporate world. He attended the prestigious Wharton School of business where he Graduated with an MBA. This was instrumental in his continued rise within the bank. He now had the academic as well as the practical knowledge of how to conduct financial affairs. In 2002 Fortress Investment Group came calling. They had head-hunted him to join the growing team as well as help the group establish a credit division. He took up the role immediately, and by the following year, the division was up and running. Peter Briger has been able to oversee the San Francisco based Credit division over the years and today its one of the biggest subsectors within the group having done deals worth more than one hundred billion dollars. His expertise in Distressed asset management has also been essential to the group. Having been an advisor to the IFC, he understood the mandate clearly, and this is one of the reasons why Fortress are specialist when it comes to distressed asset management and acquisition. To know more about him click here.

Over the years Peter Briger has been able to raise his profile within Fortress as today he is a partner and Co-CEO of the group’s operations. He first joined the board in 2006 along with other co-founders. The following year he would oversee the listing of the group’s shares on the NYSE something that would set him up for the positions he currently holds.