Securus Technologies Making the World a Safer Place

Securus Technologies Inc. was started in 1986, and it has had its headquarters in Dallas, Texas ever since. The company works in the industries of corrections and telecommunications. Securus Technologies Inc creates and sells security solutions such as technology and software.


The company of Securus Technologies Inc. is a prisons in the United States of America. The areas which enjoy the products by Securus Technologies Inc are Texas and Georgia. Up to date, Mr. Richard “Rick” Amith is leading the company of Securus Technologies Inc. He has been at the position of the chief executive officer since the years of 2008. Securus Technologies Inc is currently serving 2,200 correctional facilities mostly across Texas and Georgia. The company recently expanded to serving correctional facilities in Canada as well.


Securus Technologies Inc has established a strong acquisition record that the firm is still working on. Back in 2004, Securus Technologies Inc acquired The merged businesses of T-Netix ad Evercom. In 2007, the company received the leader Syscon Justice Systems working n the industry of Offender Management Sytems internationally. In 2016, Securus Technologies Inc also announced that they had invested over 600 million into their growth including acquisitions over the course of the last three years. Securus Technologies Inc has also been working on patents and technologies.


Their clients have highly regarded the business of Securus Technologies Inc. through their reviews of the firm. Securus Technologies Inc has been dedicated to making the world a safer place not only by serving correctional facilities but also by providing businesses with security solutions as well. Business owners have been delighted with the services of Securus Technologies Inc so far.


Business owners of small and medium companies have been able to prevent crime and take care of existing corrupted employees who had been stealing from the business or using the grounds for illegal deeds.


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