Kate Hudson Knows Every Inch of Fabletics

Fabletics has become one of the best companies around when it comes to building a solid athletic clothing brand. This company has evolved quickly with the help of Kate Hudson, and it appears that there’s even more room for growth as she sits on a journey to open as many as 100 stores in the next several years.


Kate Hudson has been hard at work with the Fabletics brand, but she makes it look easy when people see the commercials and the website where she is modeling this clothing. She has proven that she is more than just an actress. Kate Hudson has even won awards for her entrepreneurial endeavors.


What Kate has done is prove that she is a serious business woman that knows what she is doing. She is not being led by anyone because she knows what she wants to do for herself. She is taking her ideas to a bigger platform with more new stores, and people cannot help but to give Kate her accolades that are due for her success.


Hudson has managed to prove one thing with a high level of consistency. She has proven that she knows a lot about athletic clothing and the way that it should feel. This may be the most important link in her Fabletics empire.


There are lots of retailers that are selling athletic clothing, and there is not a lot of quality control in place. In addition to helping design and market the clothes Kate Hudson also plays a part in the quality control as well because she is more than just someone that is selling clothes from Fabletics. Hudson is also a consumer that is wearing the same clothes.


She knows how these clothes fit, and it is not something that she learns secondhand from people that are marketing this brand. To the contrary, Kate has evolved with Fabletics, and she has played a part in the design process. This means that she knows the material that is being used to create the garments. She knows what needs to be adjusted because she wears these clothes and she also does the research with other consumers that are utilizing Fabletics as well.


The brand has the ability to become highly successful because Kate Hudson wears all of these different hats. She is bringing forth a whole new perspective on how one could become a better retail mogul. She knows that a large part of this is going to cause her movie career to be on the back burner, but she does not seem to mind this at all. Evidently, putting her time into making this company great, and she knows that it takes a lot of long hours and a lot of hard work. So far she has not wavered with either.


It is true that Hudson has a good support team behind her with the original founders of JustFab and other brands like FabKids, but Kate is certainly playing her part with this brand as well.

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