Elysium Health Profile

Company Name: Elysium Health

Company Type: Privately Held

Company size: 10-50 employees

Website: http://www.elysiumhealth.com

Elysium Health’s Mission

The mission of Elysium Health is to ensure that the company translates advances in technology and science to help people live healthier, longer. The company was founded by Dr. Leonard Guarente, the director of the Glenn Center for Biology of Aging Research at MIT.

Visit Elysium Health on Medium.com.

What makes Elysium Health stand out?

Elysium Health relies on thorough scientific practices to research and develop its products. The company wants to create clinically validated health products that work. Elysium Health works with world-class scientists from Harvard, Cambridge, and Oxford who compose the company’s scientific advisory board to help the company maintain the right direction.

The first product created by Elysium Health is Basis. Basis is the one daily supplement you need to support your cells. Basis works to increase your body’s levels of NAD+. Your body needs to have adequate levels of this critical coenzyme because it helps with energy creation, DNA protection, circadian rhythms, and many other vital cellular functions. Basis is based on 25 years of prior research and is designed for long-term use.

As we age, our levels of NAD+ naturally decrease. That is why Basis works to increase the levels of NAD+ and support our cellular functions as a result.

Basis undergoes regular quality testing by an independent third party. The supplement is vegan, vegetarian, nut- and gluten-free, allowing you to adhere to your dietary needs

Basis is sold on Elysium Health’s website. An individual jar of the supplement costs $60 and contains a 30-day supply of the supplement. A monthly subscription to Basis brings its cost down to $50 per jar. Purchasing a six-month subscription for $270 brings the cost even further down to $45 per jar.

For more information about the team behind Basis, Elysium Health’s mission, and the different subscriptions for Basis visit Elysium’s website.

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