The Chainsmokers Are Taking Over 2018!

The Chainsmokers have been flourishing in just this past year! Not only were they awarded Best Collaboration, Dance Artist of the Year, and Dance Album of the Year by Iheartradio, they were also named number ONE on Billboard Dance 100 Artists of 2018 thanks to their newest single “Sick Boy”. This is huge since the artists had fought to get their music on DJ Mag’s Top 100 the year before. That was only a few months after their single You Owe Me came in at number four on the Billboard Bubbling Under Hot 100 Singles chart. The video had 34 million views in under a month and is catching up to their most viewed single “Closer” which was released about a year before and is now at 2 billion views. The announcement was made the same month that they released one of their newer singles “everybody hates me” on March 16th. That same month they decided to put haters to bed and fulfill their dream of headlining in Miami at The Ultra Music Festival where they played six new songs that we can only assume will be on their upcoming album. The performance spiked Spotify views reaching the billions, only 2 other artists have ever managed to reach those numbers on more than one song.

The EDM/Pop duo has been blowing up recently after the announcement of their newest album, “Somebody”, which will be released in January, 2019. That’s only one year after announcing the beginning of their contract with Wynn Nightlife stating that they would only be using XS nightclubs in Las Vegas and Encore Beach Club for performances until 2019.Their most recent single named after their upcoming album, “Somebody”, was just released raking in about 350 thousand views along with a sped up tutorial of how they actually made the song. The boys also promised to show an in depth tutorial of how they created “Somebody.” The Chainsmokers are breaking barriers between genres of music while showing kids to be their most authentic selves, definitely keep an eye out for these two!

Todd Lubar Talks about His Career and his Secret to Success

One of the stellar real estate investors in the city of Baltimore is Todd Lubar, who has been active in the region for nearly three decades. Todd Lubar has worked with several of the top financial organizations in the region and has helped them make sales in tune of hundreds of millions of dollars. Todd Lubar has done bachelors in Speech Communication from the reputed Syracuse University. The company with which Todd Lubar began his journey into the world of finance is the Crestar Corporation, where he learned a lot about the finance as well as the real estate. It is also here where he was able to develop a network of real estate and finance related professionals that later went on to become the base from where he finds the referrals. His clients love him because he is knowledgeable and offers all the facts before any deal is made.


Currently, Todd Lubar is the Vice President at the Legendary Investments and President at the financial consultancy firm named TDL Ventures. Todd Lubar has extensive experience in the mortgage industry and knows the reasons why the mortgage loan of many people is stopped. As a financial consultant at TDL Ventures, he helps the people know why their loan hasn’t been sanctioned and how some minor changes with their finance can make a huge difference with their credit score. It would also help the people to get the loan they need to buy the home they wanted to buy. With the experience of just under thirty years in the real estate sector of Baltimore, one can trust the opinion and judgment of Todd Lubar when it comes to real estate investments. He is also a reputed and successful real estate investor himself and has not only invested but also earned a lot from his real estate investments in the Baltimore.


Todd Lubar is an inspiration for those looking to start their career in the real estate field. He believes that anyone can achieve success if they work hard for it. There will always be some issue or the other that would prevent them from succeeding, but it is up to the person to create his own path and enjoy the life he builds for himself. It is also essential for him to continuously improve his productivity so that his business can run at its maximum capability. He also motivates his team on a daily basis to ensure that every day is spent productively. He is also continually looking for other industries that have the potential to grow further. He is also exploring the call center atmosphere as he feels that it has some great potential and can generate a large number of revenue in the future.