CVS Versus Amazon In A Clash Of The Titans Says Drew Madden

The world of healthcare information technology is one that has been inhabited by Drew Madden for a very long time. He has made a career out of knowing what is going on in that world and trying to help others to understand it as well. Since he has done this for so long, he has a lot of insight into recent developments in this field. One of the things that he has been keeping an eye on as of late is the battle between CVS and Amazon.

Amazon has applied for licenses to sell pharmaceutical products via the Internet in a few states. This set off alarm bells for the people at CVS and other healthcare retailers because it meant that Amazon may soon be in their backyard as it were competing for the very same customers that they were trying to keep all to themselves. It was really too much for some companies to stomach. However, CVS decided that they could make some changes to the way that they run their business in order to achieve maximum results.

CVS said that it would offer free delivery on all products that customers ordered. In addition to that, the company was going to be opening a lot more MinuteClinic stations in their stores throughout the country. Those clinics can help customers receive some quick medical attention from a licensed doctor to get diagnosed with simple things such as a cold or the flu. Then they can go ahead and purchase the medication that they need to fight those illnesses.

These are just a few of the things that CVS has done to insulate itself against the possibility that Amazon may be coming after them. Other companies ought to take note of this and try their own methods towards keeping their customers in tact and coming back to them time and time again. You really do have to win those customers over every single day. It is not something that you can just do once and be done with it. When you realize this, it is a lot easier to push on through.

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