Tengram Acquired Lime Crime, A Makeup Company

Lime Crime is a brand of makeup that everyone is encouraged to wear. They brag about having an enormous selection of makeup that is bold and comes in different textures. Customers can sparkle, be matte or be glossy. For the lipstick fanatic, they have everything, or a least almost everything. There are even shades of colors like blue and purple.

The company also has an amazing array of eye shadow pallets. They sell hair colorings for people who want to brighten up their days and appearances. Lime Crime wants their customers to look as flamboyant and unicorn-like as they possibly can. It is actually Lime Crime’s marketing tactic to refer to their customers as “unicorns.” This is done in an endearing way to create an endearing, flamboyant realm of consciousness around their products.

What’s even better about Lime Crime is the fact that they make an effort to source their supplies from sources that do not abuse animals. This is a good thing because many makeup companies do not care about the welbeing of animals and are more than happy to accept ingredients that have been created at the expense of animals.

Tengram is an establishment that has acquired the makeup brand. The reason why Lime Crime avidly let the acquisition happen is because they feel that it will greatly improve their goods and services. Lime Crime has shown that they do enough good business to be taken under the wing of a company like Tengram. The people who lead Lime Crime have high hopes about this deal and the future of their company.

Lime Crime is in its tenth year of being in business. Hopefully, throughout the next decade, “unicorns” will find major improvements. Already, Lime Crime’s products and services are really amazing. This acquisition will make them even more amazing.

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