Roland Dickey Jr Unveils his Leadership Potential on a Family-Owned Restaurant Business

Sometimes take your time and have a glimpse of some of the best restaurants in the United States. The country has a flourishing hospitality industry with great restaurants owned by great fast-casual chains spread all over the country. In addition, some companies have developed previously unthought-of restaurant brands that are spread throughout the country. Most […]

Business Leader

Why James Dondero Has Been using Risk Management Strategies in His Investment Activities

There have been very many strategies that have always been discussed how most investors can become successful in their investment strategies. Every other strategy seems to have been communicated, and it is worth indicating that such strategies are already delivering some of the needed results. However, the issue of risk management has never been discussed […]


John Ritenour and Valli, founders of IOA

In 1988 John Ritenour and his wife Valli launched an insurance company in America. The insurance company was to cover a wider variety of areas, for instance, personal and business needs. John introduced one-stop shopping where he offered more than three types of insurance coverage to understand one’s needs in a family business and the […]


Saying Goodbye Gordonstoun style

While the rest of the world weeps at the loss of a duke through Prince Phillip’s death, those who knew him at Gordonstoun School held a small goodbye for him. The group of pupils and Gordonstoun staff boarded the 80ft training boat and headed to Hopeman Harbor, there they had a small tribune and laid […]