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 A Look Into QNET and Misinformation

Up and coming entrepreneurs in the business world always want to be wary of scams on their path to success, using a mix of caution and curiosity within it. Direct Sales can be a way for new businesspeople to reach out and find a niche, find a clientele that suits their needs, and whose needs they might suit in turn. But what kind of tools can they use that will make the struggle worthwhile? And more importantly, what’s safe to use?

QNET is one such company, though not everyone is so sure about them. As an eCommerce business for use all over the globe, QNET seeks to connect consumers to unique and well-made product, allowing a small-time entrepreneur to connect with a customer base they might not have otherwise. A legitimate company, QNET has various operations in 25 countries spanning over Asia, the Middle East, Europe, and Africa, while its main headquarters are in Hong Kong.

QNET understands the need for patience, that becoming a successful business doesn’t simply occur overnight. But with that comes occasional unseasoned people who believe that their lack of success attributes to the eCommerce enterprise being a scam. This and the rise of unethical users of the eCommerce service could contribute to misinformation, as any online direct selling company can tell you. But in spite of this, QNET’s work with the Olympic committee as a distributor for the Sydney, Athens, and Beijing Olympic Games is a testimony to their dedication to an honest work’s pay.

A business with over 20 years under its belt, QNET works with the laws of the countries it resides in, making sure they’re always compliant with what governs the direct selling industry in a given country. QNET’s online model has been a boon during the pandemic, and it’s on its way to revolutionizing the eCommerce world. Read: