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Alejandro Betancourt, Driving Hawkers to Success

Hawkers currently pride itself in being one of the leading producers of trendy sunglasses in the fashion industry. However, the company was not initially founded to produce some of the best sunglasses. The company has its humble beginnings in a Spanish company called Saldum that was founded as an online platform for reselling second-hand merchandise.

The company, however, failed to kick-off, forcing the founders, Alejandro, David Moreno, Iñaki Soriano, and Palo Sanchez, to reinvest $300 in another online business venture. This group of investors used the funds they had to purchase 27 pairs of a brand of sunglasses called Knockaround and reselling them online at a profit. They continued purchasing and rese4lling this brand for six months before deciding to come up with their own brand that was attractive, readily available, and affordable.

This led to the birth of Hawker, which attempted to go against some of the major industry players like Gucci and Prada. Coming with high quality and affordable eyewear saw the company grow tremendously, selling exclusively to customers through their online platform. It is during this early stage of growth that the company enjoyed massive financial support from famed investors such as Alejandro Betancourt.

Over time, the company was able to keep up with its level of success and was even contemplating closure. However, seasoned investors and entrepreneurs came in at the right time to help the company through this transition. Alejandro Betancourt Lopez joined Hawkers in an administrative capacity to help it come up with solutions for its administrative challenges.

Born in Venezuela, Alejandro Betancourt Lopez has built a reputation for being an angel investor, successful entrepreneur, and administrator with an interest in multiple industries. Betancourt is currently well known for his position at Hawkers and his company O’Hara Administration that deals in asset management with clients all over the globe.

Despite joining the company during a trying time, Alejandro Betancourt Lopez was able to turn around the fortunes of the sunglasses maker. By implementing his own motto, ‘never stop trying, he was able to motivate the team to get up and soldier ahead. Being a keen investor, Alejandro Betancourt Lopez was able to rally investors from his O’Hara firm to reinvest up to $56 million to exploit the company’s potential. Through his dedicated and committed efforts, he has been able to grow the company into one of the most successful sunglasses companies in the world. Refer to this page for additional information