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Alejandro Betancourt Influence on the Success of Hawkers

Hawkers Co, a famous fashion sunglasses company on social media, managed to grow its revenue to over $100 million thanks to the help of its founder Alejandro Betancourt. It never began its operation as a sunglasses company. The company founders saw an opportunity to venture into the sunglasses industry as they searched for ways to fund a different venture.

On their quest to create a Spanish Craigslist, they resold the sunglasses they purchased from California for a profit, and in two years, they had made a revenue of over $60 million. Given that its founders had not prepared for the fashion industry, they faced many hurdles in the beginning. Most of the cash that was coming in was spent keeping up with the ever-rising production costs.

Alejandro Betancourt had already established a name for funding different projects worldwide through his investment from O’Hara Administration. When Alejandro got involved with this company, he was determined to transform their operation. He was determined to reach out to the young population, and one of the ways to achieve this was to offer high-end sunglasses at a lower price. He also ensured that over 90% of the company’s sunglasses were sold online and embraced social media as the best way to showcase the brand.

Alejandro Betancourt managed to bring investors on board. They brought over $56 million to the company and funded different offices globally, with $4.5 million pairs sold in over 50 countries. Hawkers managed to grow its Facebook page to over 6.6 million followers because of the stylish people wearing sunglasses and enjoying the outdoors.

Alejandro Betancourt points out that most people opted to purchase Hawkers sunglasses over brands of similar quality like Dolce & Gabbana because they retailed at a significantly lower price.

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