Andrea Natale: An Expert Cardiologist at Austin, Texas

Dr. Andrea NataleFor many decades, multiple healers globally feel they have the mandate of helping others. Even though procedures, tools and human body knowledge has significantly changed through the years, helping others through physical and mental skill has not changed.

One of the best and renowned individuals using physical and mental skills to help others is Andrea Natale. He is well known for his expertise in cardiovascular diseases, electrophysiology, and internal medicine. Andrea uses current methods and tools with a combination of healing touch to enhance patients’ life quality.

Dr. Andrea is a U.S. and an Italian medical practitioner with over thirty-five years of experience in the medical field. His skills extend to internal medicine and primary care. Andrea specializes in cardiovascular diseases treatment, and he is one of the notable cardiac electrophysiology experts. He is also a researcher and inventor of different catheter-based atrial fibrillation tools. Andrea is the first U.S. electrophysiologist to perform radiofrequency ablation on a patient suffering from cardiac issues.

Andrea Natale aims at helping patients with cardiovascular diseases find treatment through robotic devices, assistive technologies, and ablation catheters. He defines a true pioneer who uses advanced technology, including catheter cures, to help patients and bring positive outcomes.

Currently, Dr. Andrea is an executive medical director at the Texas Institute of Cardiac Arrhythmia. He has also partnered with other physicians, and together they are working towards medical and technological advances to help more patients. They also have a two-day EPLive educational meeting that focuses on training and educating upcoming electrophysiologists and others. The meeting is divided into four sections: new technologies, A.F. ablation, Devices, and V.T. ablation.

For the past years, Andrea Natale has focused on researching heart rhythm issues and how to help people with atrial fibrillation stabilize and improve their quality of life. His efforts did not go unrewarded and led to vein-ablation system development to address atrial fibrillation through circumferential ultrasounds.

For his successful medical advancements and inventions in cardiac care, Dr. Andrea is referred to as a “rockstar” by most peers in his field of expertise. He has attended over 200 symposiums globally and has been awarded different professional awards and accolades for his work. Apart from the awards, Dr. Natale is recognized as the top and best cardiologist in Austin, Northern Ohio, and the United States.