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Andrew Alexander TV and Film Career

The Second City’s former CEO and Co-owner, Andrew Alexander, is an influential and innovative writer, film, theater, and TV producer. He is renowned for his leadership of the TV show SCTV and The Second City theater. Under his leadership, The Second City theatre has received many awards and announced one of the top theatres in Chicago.

In 1967, Andrew Alexander worked for Oakville Beaver and Thompson newspapers. He then joined the Toronto arts scene, serving as Ski Magazine editor and John Lennon Peace Festival. He eventually got hired at Ivanhoe Theater in Chicago, where he met co-founder and owner of The Second City, Bernie Sahlins.

At first, The Second City was located in Toronto, where it was failing. Andrew Alexander offered to pay off the bills in return for operating it in Canada. In 1974, after Sahlins agreed to the offer, he started developing and producing live theatre revues and launching comedian careers. He later partnered with Len Stuart to create The Second City Entertainment Company, a film and TV production company, where he first produced a TV show SCTV.

As a television producer, Andrew Alexander has executive produced and co-developed over 150 shows and television comedies for SCTV. He has built television programming for renowned televisions like Fox Television and CBC. Alexander has engaged in co-production deals with Disney Studios and MGM Television. He has also produced the SCTV documentary Martin Scorsese, which is now on Netflix and CTV.

Background Details

Andrew Alexander was born in London, 1944. His father, who operated in the aeronautics industry, moved to Canada with his family. There, Alexander joined Tri-State College and Ryerson University.

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