Andrew Lazarus Raises $20 Million to Buy Beach Hotel Merewether

Beach Hotel Merewether has been one of the iconic hotel facilities in Newcastle and entire Australia.

There is no doubt that there have been other major restaurants that have continued to emerge and dominate the country over the years.

However, it is a common experience among the people in the community and especially those who have been working in this sector that this facility has been iconic and has dominated the restaurant sector for many years.

As a reliable facility that has been known for its value, it is essential to communicate that it has been attracting some suitors.

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There is no doubt that any leading hotel will attract potential buyers who are eagerly waiting to ensure that they have the necessary finances that can help them to ensure that they have some essential information that can be fundamental in pushing the entire sector into another direction.

According to the industrial observers, anyone who has been interested in buying Beach Hotel Merewether must be prepared to pay some huge amounts of money.

This is an expectation that has been circling for many years as the facility cannot be sold for a few dollars.

The figures revolving around have consistently highlighted that anyone interested in this facility must be able to raise more than twenty million dollars, which is beyond what other hotels in the same area have been sold.

However, there are people who have always shown that they are willing to go the extra mile and acquire their prized assets.

Andrew Lazarus and his family have been known in Australia as some of the few families in the country that would go beyond the normal expectations to acquire what they need.

This has always been a welcome industrial undertaking that has played a central role in ensuring that he remains a major player in the restaurant sector.

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