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Are Tieks Shoes Really Worth The Price?

Tieks are a simple women’s ballet flat. But they are pretty pricy, going at about $175 a pop. But are they really worth the price? In one woman’s opinion: yes.

Valerie, the editor of Valerie & Valise Travel in Alaska, the American West, and Beyond says she’s invested in six pairs of Tieks over the last five years and would happily do it again.

According to Valerie, she was a bit skeptical about purchasing them even after hearing all the hype. But she purchased her first pair in 2016. She’s purchased Matte Black, Pacific Green, another pair of Matte Black, Midnight Blue, another pair of Matte Black then her last pair, Tyrian Purple.

Valerie says the shoes are not just comfortable but cost-savvy. She describes the flats as eyecatching. Both the upper and lower soles are made of soft leather and the heels are elasticized. The shoes come in four styles:

  • Classics – Solid colors made of standard leather.
  • Prints – These come in different patterns.
  • Patents – Patent leather with solid colors.
  • Vegan – These are manufactured without animal products.

Tieks flats come in women’s sizes 5-13. Since there are no half sizes, women can size up or down and make it fit. For instance, if you wear a 7.5, you can size up to an 8 and it will fit comfortably.

The shoes have a lot of stretch. That’s because they are made with the highest quality leather. Valerie says they are easy to clean. Just a drop of shoe polish and a sponge.

And she says the reason why her Tieks reached their sad ending was due to wear and tear. And she did put quite a bit of wear on them.

So, the verdict: These shoes are the real deal. Buy them on the company website.Visit this page on LinkedIn, for more information.


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