Support, Nutrition, and Fitness: The Mainstays of Beachbody

Carl DaikelerBeachbody, which is headquartered in Santa Monica, has helped millions of people lose weight and build muscle. However, it’s not a weight loss or a muscle-building brand per se.

Instead, this company tries to help its customer’s lead full and happy lives. In addition, it assists people in attaining their own specific wellness goals. To do so, it focuses on three things: support, nutrition, and fitness.

  1. Support

This brand provides personalized support via a vast network of coaches. Thousands of experts work with individual clients online, motivating them and customizing wellness plans to their unique lifestyles and goals.

  1. Nutrition

Beachbody offers a wide array of nutritional plans and meal supplements, all developed by experts. The company’s popular Shakeology division is a great example.

Shakeology shakes can reduce people’s hunger and food cravings by more than 50 percent. Thus, after drinking one, you’ll consume fewer calories during your next meal. In fact, a study showed that people 25 and older took in about 180 fewer calories after consuming one of these shakes.

Even better, Shakeology products are full of powerful, health-giving nutrients. They’re delicious, too.

  1. Fitness

This company offers clients an enormous collection of digital workouts and exercise programs. There are regimens for every fitness level. And these videos are fun, invigorating, and effective at the same time.


Carl Daikeler, who cofounded Beachbody in 1998 with Jon Congdon, knows all about attaining personal goals. He gave up a promising career in TV sports to become a fitness entrepreneur, simply because he believed the latter path would be more fulfilling.

Also, despite a lifelong aversion to exercise and healthy foods, Carl Daikeler was able to create fitness and nutritional programs that he really enjoyed. Many other people around the world enjoy them as well. That’s why they’ve led to so much personal success and healthiness.