Bonham Alumnus Josh Garza Has Found Professional Success.

Josh Garza, during his career, has served as an inspiration to innumerable drummers on par with John Bonham.

Drummers for numerous prominent contemporary alternative rock acts cite him as an inspiration, notably Silver Sun Pickups and Kings of Leon.

Garza’s impact on the music business has been widely recognized.

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In 2005, he took home the Esquire magazine Esky Award for Best Drummer.

Due to this, he was highlighted in the 2009 and 2011 issues of Modern Drummer.

In addition, several of his contemporaries credit him as a pivotal inspiration to them.

Like Bonham before him, he is most likely encouraging the next generation of artists to establish their unique sound.

Josh Garza began his career as a musician in 1991 and has impacted many others in the industry.

As awareness of his innovative drumming for indie rock groups such as COMET and Captain Audio spread, so did his fan base.

His passionate fan base has followed his musical career from its inception with Secret Machines to the present day with the innovative psych rock band EFG.

Even though his time at EFG was fruitful, things began to pick up steam when Secret Machines was reformatted in 2021.

Garza has been an encouragement to his bandmates every step of the way.

His influence may be heard across the whole music industry, but it is solid in the alternative rock scene.

Anyone interested in music should investigate Josh Garza’s back catalog, whether they are lifelong fans or are discovering him today.

Then, you should listen to his drumming style, which is unlike anybody else’s, so that you, as well, can hear his influence on whatever song you play.

Drummer Josh Garza has lived in Dallas, Texas since he was young.

In the music industry, he made waves at the tender age of fifteen.

Then, just a few years later, he was a driving force in pushing COMET to the forefront of the media’s attention.

Garza’s first opportunity to showcase his drumming skills and begin creating his style came in the shape of the loud pop group COMET, which was created as a tribute to the Beatles.

He helped produce three albums in the ’90s before moving on to Captain Audio.

Soon after, Garza, Benjamin, and Brandon Curtis established Secret Machines.

The famous indie rock trio slayed the competition with their space rock riffs.

They were innovative even after Benjamin left to devote himself entirely to the School of Seven Bells.

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