Caribou’s Substantial Growth under the Leadership of Scott Dylan

Caribou Parcel delivery as a concept seems pretty straightforward. Customers order a product, pay for it, and then wait patiently in their homes for it to arrive. It is a common practice nowadays and customers understand the tradeoffs that come with such a practice. Convenience is one of the best parts of doing something like this, but what happens when the bigger parcel delivery companies become too busy to focus on the lone customer who still hasn’t received their package. Sure, they can get some type of reimbursement or solution offered to them, but the personalized experience is lacking.

Caribou wants to try and adjust those expectation for customers. It should not be an emotionless experience. Customers need to know that even when necessary and normal delays are experienced, there are individuals available to provide meaningful information about their packages. Caribou was founded by Scott Dylan and his associates for that very reason. They want to give people peace of mind when it comes to their services.

Sometimes, when dealing with bigger providers they aren’t seen as people but as numbers to complete for the day. Caribou has marketed itself as uniquely customer-focused.

One way that they are looking to enhance customer experience is by including driver tracking. While it is still in its roll-out phase, driver tracking will allow individuals to get a general idea of where their packages are when it is out for delivery. This will help to reduce anxiety around the delivery of valuable or sentimental items and gives the customer time to plan around its arrival.


While Caribou has only been operating for a short time, it has already solidified itself as a staple in the delivery field through the sheer effort that they exert on behalf of their customers. The growth of the company is swift and will no doubt continue as they expand into other areas. The company is already offering both domestic and international delivery options to their customers on top of freight shipping. These choices allow for the inclusion of many different types of customers which will increase their growth and opportunities in the future.