Waiakea Water Seeks to Better Lives Other than Just Quench Thirst

Waiakea Volcanic water is the product of Waiakea Inc., a Hawaiian company founded in 2012 by Ryan Emmons at the age of 22 years and his co-founder Matt Meyer. Through the short period of the company’s existence, Waiakea water has gained great popularity among the Hawaii people and already has in place, 5,000 operational stores scattered across the country.

While there are so many water companies in the world, making the water industry a multi-billion dollar industry globally. Some companies stand out more than others, probably because of their branding, packaging, filtration process or advertisement. One such company, that has had its face cross borders and ridges is Waiakea water. While it’s being a drink from Hawaii may act as an advantage for this water brand, other factors have also played a major role in the same.

The company has been very keen in ensuring a healthy and sustainable environment in all it’s operations from packaging, to transportation. It is the first Hawaiian volcanic water brand that is sourced from Muano Loa Volcano, from which the water is filtered through porous volcano rocks of 14,000 feet. This process enriches the water with electrolytes and essential minerals such as silica, potassium, calcium, and magnesium. Due to the process, Waiakea water gets a natural alkaline pH of 8.8.

Another outstanding thing about this Hawaii volcanic water company is their packaging and operations, in regard to the environment. Starting from 2018, Waiakea INC. has decided to adopt fully degradable and a 100% recyclable bottles through their collaboration with TimePlast Company, the first and sole manufacturers of these bottles.

Naturally, plastic bottles take a period of 1000+ years for degradation process to take place, which is quite a long period. However, the Waiakea’s TimePlast bottles decompose after just 15 years, which is 97% faster than their counterparts. The company is Certified CarbonNeutral and use transportation vehicles that have a low emission of carbon.

Waiakea company has been more than a water company to the community and world at large through their charitable donations. The company donates a week’s water supply to those in need of clean water in Malawi, with over 500 million liters donated so far, through the drilling of wells and establishment of water pumps.