Dr. Mark Mckenna: A Doctor and Entrepreneur Who Is Committed to Revolutionizing the Healthcare Industry.

Recently, technology has been causing positive disruptions across industries. Each activity that human being perform has been influenced in some way by technology. These changes have resulted in increased efficiency in our everyday life. Activities are carried in reduced time and cost. The healthcare industry has not been left behind. Dr. Mark McKenna is working on a project that could revolutionize the healthcare sector.

Dr. Mark McKenna has, in the last two years, focused his energies on providing world-class services for individuals that are for aesthetics services and wellness treatment. He founded OVME, pronounced as Of-me, in 2007 to provide these services. When coming up with this idea, Dr. Mark wanted to disrupt the healthcare industry just as Uber disrupted the transport industry or Deliveroo disrupted the food industry.

Dr. Mark McKenna has assembled a qualified team of experts to work in OVME. He assures his clients that he is committed to giving them quality services. Dr. Mark provides a safe and comfortable environment for conducting cosmetic surgeries. Dr. Mark’s team provides customized services to the clients and at times even go out of their way to accommodate the client’s schedule.

To help improve efficiency, Dr. Mark McKenna is currently working on on-demand apps. The apps will make consultation services readily available to anyone. Dr. Mark is aiming at providing consultation services through the app. Consultation services will be remotely available. He says that he will enlist only qualified practitioners to provide these services to the clients. This innovation will significantly help the clients who may want aesthetics services but are constrained by time.

Previously, Dr. Mark McKenna worked for his father, who was also a doctor. This duration was after he had graduated from Tulane University Medical School. While he was a student at the university, he had ventured into real estate. The business flourished, but he was forced to rethink this venture after hurricane Katrina wiped out his investments. These entrepreneurial skills have been of great help when managing OVME.


Dr. Saad Saad: Caring About the Health of Children

Dr. Saad Saad was born in the 1940s in Palestine at the time Israel was founded as a nation. The consequences of this were that many Palestinian natives would be uprooted from their homes. This would be the fate for Dr. Saad and his family. While his father was traveling to find employment, his mother and the kids were told to leave their home. They were separated from their father, who would have to pay a man who owned a boat a substantial sum of money to be reunited with his family.


After being forced to leave their home, Dr. Saad and his family moved to Kuwait. His family proved to be fortunate because his father was able to find work there as a petroleum mechanic. This was the time when the world realized the oil potential in the Middle East region and his father’s skills were heavily demanded. Dr. Saad would spend many years growing up in Kuwait. His father would often encourage him to do well in school, so he could be whatever he wanted to be in life.


Dr. Saad would recall the day he made up his mind to become a doctor. He was in high school at the time and one day he went with a sibling to earn some money by working at a construction site. It was an extremely hot summer day and the heat took its toll on Dr. Saad. He passed out due to a heat stroke. He realized that he would have to study hard in school because he was not cut out to do manual work in the heat. He had also figured out that the only air conditioning in the entire country at that time was in an operation room. It was this realization that gave him the motivation to become a doctor.


Dr. Saad Saad said that one of the habits he developed that enabled him to be successful was time management. He learned how to manage his time as efficiently as he could. He knew that a solid work ethic would eventually bring about success, so he lived to make every minute of his day count. After he moved to the United States he made a goal to become a board certified children’s surgeon. He was fluent in English and Arabic which helped him get considered to be the personal pediatric doctor for the royal family in Saudi Arabia. This was an extremely significant position to take and he would hold it until 1989.


Dr. Saad Saad later returned to the United States and contemplated on ways that he could help his patients in reducing their pain and lower the time it took for them to recover. He would create new techniques that made his care more efficient. His passion for medicine has carried him through his over forty years practicing medicine and he has saved the lives of thousands of children.

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Tony Petrello And The Story Behind Becoming Involved At The Texas Children’s Hospital

Tony Petrello is no medical expert, but he is happy to help experts in that field by donating to research facilities. He has done this for over 10 years at the Texas Children’s Hospital where he got involved after coming out of a tough time in his life. Tony Petrello is the CEO of Nabors Industries, one of the world’s top oil drilling companies, and he always has found a way to solve problems that few others have. But he found when his daughter Carena was born that he faced new problems that he could not defeat. Tony Petrello Welcomes Tommy Tune Home To Houston.

Tony Petrello and his wife Cynthia found out their young daughter had periventricular leukomalacia, a brain condition that has also caused cerebral palsy in young children. They tried to consult with some of the nation’s best doctors and surgeons on how to treat Carena, but they were told she would have that condition for the rest of her life. It was hard for Petrello to face that reality watching his daughter grow up, but he realized that since little was being done by way of research in children’s brain disorders, he decided he would do something about it. Petrello had met with two other business people in Dan and Jan Duncan who decided to start a center for young children’s neurological research. Petrello decided to become involved in this and in a fundraiser he wrote a check for $5 million to it. Later on he added $2 million more, and today the institute is one of the top children’s neurological research centers in the world. Petrello hopes people will recognize how important this field is from his work.

Tony Petrello is originally from New Jersey and is a graduate of Yale University in the Advanced Mathematics field. He also studied law at Harvard and became an expert in corporate and finance law as he became an attorney for Baker & McKenzie, a law firm based in New York. He represented many investment banks, hedge funds, pharmaceutical companies and also Nabors Industries who offered him the job as chief operating officer after he had spent 13 years at the firm and 6 as managing partner there. Tony Petrello spent 20 years in that role before being nominated CEO upon the passing of former CEO Eugene Isenberg. Petrello also serves with several other energy companies including the Board of Directors at Stewart & Stevenson and Hillcorp Energy.

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