The Unique Twenty Three Layers

When you think of planning an event, it is so much that goes into it from, planning your invites, locating and securing a venue, finding catering that will be best fit for your event, and so much more that can leave you worrisome on how can you achieve getting all of the planning done, but just want to allow yourself to be stress free, focusing on how fun your event is going to be. There is a corporate event planners NYC company, who are professionals at production and design called Twenty Three Layers, that will provide a fun and worry-free experience. They specialize in finding the up in coming venues, the most popular musicians and artist, that will have your event stand out from the rest of the crowd, adding the top of the line vendors to your event.


The event planning company NYC, Twenty Three Layers, encourages you to make planning simple, it should not make you feel stressed or intimidated when planning an event, as long as you get a jump start early when it comes to organizing. Keeping up with a list during the entire event planning process is crucial, so you can cross out what you already accomplished, making it easier to move on to the next phase. One of the most important factors in planning is finding a theme that fully represents which kind of event you are portraying.


At Twenty Three Layers, they will assist you with your branding, so that your theme really ties in with what you envision. They also will cover all aspects of your event such as, floral design, entertainment, photography, lighting, catering, styling, fabrication, and custom printing. Additionally, Twenty Three Layers event planners can build you a custom bar, to be the complement to your food, that you will be providing for the guest while matching your event theme with unique photography, whether if it’s for your children or a special wedding.

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