Fabletics Is Working To Compete Against Other Competitors Like Amazon To Bring More Choices To Those Who Work Out

What is it that you like most about workout wear? Do you look for something that is within your price range, size or even style? If so, you have most likely turned to discover the countless options available to you in showrooms like Amazon. If you are like most other shoppers who are greeted by Amazon, you know first hand about the countless options that you are presented with through their website. If you find yourself wondering what names are the best and what names are going to make you feel like the best, you will want to trust the name that most people trust most these days. Fabletics.


Not everyone is as excited to shop for workout wear. Not everyone is eager to find something new to show up in to the local gym. Not everyone is confident in their bodies to trust that they will look good. If you want to gain that confidence and trust that you are going to fit into something amazing, something that you might not have worn well once before, Fabletics is what people turn to the most.


Fabletics is not the brand most people trust the most simply because they offer different styles that you have not had before but also because of the people who stand up for their names when associated with Fabletics. From the opening of the reverse showroom, Fabletics knew it had to garner a name that people would love and trust. The name that they thought of quickly was Kate Hudson.


Kate Hudson is the glowing face of Fabletics and the original supporter and promoter of the brand, however most recently, the name that people are also seeing associated with options by Fabletics is Demi Lovato.


Demi and Kate have been friends for a while now and they have so much in common with one another. They both have a love for staying fit and being athletically inclined in a variety of physically fit activities. It is the love that they share for being fit which led them to both create their own line of Fabletics. In order to determine which line is best for you, the Lifestyle Quiz will help you to determine what specific style is best for you. The choices which are then selected for you are going to be saved to help you at a later time to purchase the right styles and designer.

Kate Hudson Knows Every Inch of Fabletics

Fabletics has become one of the best companies around when it comes to building a solid athletic clothing brand. This company has evolved quickly with the help of Kate Hudson, and it appears that there’s even more room for growth as she sits on a journey to open as many as 100 stores in the next several years.


Kate Hudson has been hard at work with the Fabletics brand, but she makes it look easy when people see the commercials and the website where she is modeling this clothing. She has proven that she is more than just an actress. Kate Hudson has even won awards for her entrepreneurial endeavors.


What Kate has done is prove that she is a serious business woman that knows what she is doing. She is not being led by anyone because she knows what she wants to do for herself. She is taking her ideas to a bigger platform with more new stores, and people cannot help but to give Kate her accolades that are due for her success.


Hudson has managed to prove one thing with a high level of consistency. She has proven that she knows a lot about athletic clothing and the way that it should feel. This may be the most important link in her Fabletics empire.


There are lots of retailers that are selling athletic clothing, and there is not a lot of quality control in place. In addition to helping design and market the clothes Kate Hudson also plays a part in the quality control as well because she is more than just someone that is selling clothes from Fabletics. Hudson is also a consumer that is wearing the same clothes.


She knows how these clothes fit, and it is not something that she learns secondhand from people that are marketing this brand. To the contrary, Kate has evolved with Fabletics, and she has played a part in the design process. This means that she knows the material that is being used to create the garments. She knows what needs to be adjusted because she wears these clothes and she also does the research with other consumers that are utilizing Fabletics as well.


The brand has the ability to become highly successful because Kate Hudson wears all of these different hats. She is bringing forth a whole new perspective on how one could become a better retail mogul. She knows that a large part of this is going to cause her movie career to be on the back burner, but she does not seem to mind this at all. Evidently, putting her time into making this company great, and she knows that it takes a lot of long hours and a lot of hard work. So far she has not wavered with either.


It is true that Hudson has a good support team behind her with the original founders of JustFab and other brands like FabKids, but Kate is certainly playing her part with this brand as well.

Fabletics – Offering Personalized Services And Value For Money Products

Taking on retail giants like Amazon is no easy feat, but Fabletics has done just that and how. Fabletics started as a start-up in 2013, and is just over three years; the company has around 1,400 employees, 17 stores across the nation with more to come, and an annual turnover of over $250 million. The brand has managed to create a niche for itself in the “Athleisure” segment and is now the most preferred brand in its segment, because not only the Katie Hudson, famous actor and fitness model, angle has worked for the company, the brand focuses and provides value for money. It has created a very distinctive niche for itself in the market filled with endless online portals selling fashion and fitness clothing.


Fabletics has recently applied the reverse showroom technique to its business model that has helped the company further to market its products on a greater scale. The company integrates the data for consumer preferences it gathers online from its site to use it for marketing for more productivity. The Fabletics showrooms stock the items that are known to be popular among the consumers. It has worked for the company because the active members can go to the store and buy products for themselves without having to wait for the delivery, and helps to convert the non-members who walk-in to the company’s stores. It is the collection of the reverse showroom technique and other marketing initiatives the brand has implemented that it continues to hit the record growth rate of 35 percent annually since last three years.


Fabletics believe in providing value for money to its customers, and this can be seen in the numerous reviews customers have left at various venues online. The members find it easy to choose from the new and updated collection designed for them each month, and since the price of Fabletics clothing line is a fraction of what its competitors charge, the customers are more than happy to buy what they see. The brand aims to take care of each of the aspects of shopping online in a very personalized and convenient manner to elevate the customer satisfaction by a high margin. The VIP members of the company get a lot of perks upon joining, and they are not charged anything for the month they do not purchase anything.


The collaboration of data-aware marketing, smart distribution network, a user-friendly membership program and easy shopping options make Fabletics one of the most sought after brand in the fitness clothing niche online. The brand has lots going on under the surface to continue to update and upgrade its services and offer customers more value for their money. The brand believes that it is this constant renewal of their commitment to its customers through new designs, better services and value for money products that it is now an established business and not a start-up anymore.