OSI Group, Under The Guidance Of CEO Sheldon Lavin And President David McDonalds, Continues Its Impressive Run!

One of the most interesting things about business is that there are some organizations that make it their sole purpose to promote themselves. You will see their advertisements on TV, Internet, billboards and everywhere else. Then there are companies who slowly and gradually make their way to the hearts of customers, for a long time. Customer satisfaction is their only goal and they do everything in their power to do so. OSI Group McDonalds happens to be one of the latter. In fact, it doesn’t just happen to be one of the latter, it happens to be the most well established organization in the industry.

Most people do not even notice that the finest quality of the foods and ingredients that they’ve been consuming since years, is produced by OSI Group. With 20,000 employees at 65 facilities in 17 countries, OSI Group McDonalds continues to rise. Although the company’s headquarters is located in Aurora, Illinois, but the company has an impressive, and a far more global reach in 17 countries all over the world. That means OSI Group McDonalds provides food and ingredients of the finest quality, along with jobs, to 17 countries in the world and it doesn’t just end here. Under the guidance of the CEO of OSI Group, Sheldon Lavin and President David McDonald, the company is always looking at opportunities to expand its business. Just recently, after purchasing a controlling stake of Baho Food, a Dutch company that has subsidiaries throughout Germany and the Netherlands, OSI Group has proved that global domination is now within its grasp.

If you are thinking that the global domination is the only achievement of OSI Group McDonalds, you are wrong. OSI continues to prove itself domestically as well. In June 2016, OSI purchased a food plant in Chicago that was about to shut down. Tyson Foods owned the plant and shutting it down would have cost the local community almost 500 jobs. But with a staggering amount of $7.4 million, OSI Group McDonalds purchased it and not just that, they also asked the previous workers if they still wanted to continue working there. Impressive, indeed!

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A Successful Growth Journey for OSI Industries into Global Recognition

OSI Industries presents one of the most intriguing success stories in the American economic history. It traces its history from the American immigrant experience. The company started as a butcher shop serving the Chicago neighborhoods into a major corporate business in the 20th century. It operated under Otto & Son’s family business name. Today, OSI operates as one of the leading food production company all around the globe. The company still continues to evolve and expand internationally in the modern era of globalization.

Over the years, OSI Industries seeks to establish and maintain sustainable food production processes. Through various innovations in its growth journey, OSI greatly appreciates the opportunities as well as challenges that involve the cutting-edge technology. One of the most significant milestones in OSI’s global presence is when it was contracted as a major supplier for McDonald’s first restaurant chains.

In the recent 2016 listing by Forbes, OSI emerged as number 58 among the largest private companies. It is worth 6.1 billion dollars. The company’s efforts to incorporate new technology in its operations greatly contribute to its growth. The adoption of liquidated nitrogen cryogenic freezing model technology enhanced the food production, storage and transportation processes in the firm. The decision by Otto & Sons to seek funding for the technological advancements brought Lavin’s expertise to the company.

Moreover, OSI has received several prestigious awards following its sustainability efforts. Such awards include the Globe of Honor Award from British Safety Council, North American Meat Institute Environmental Awards and the Global Visionary Award presented to Lavin, among others. Additionally, the company’s growth heavily relies on various joint venture and acquisitions.

OSI Industries thrives under the management of experienced and committed leaders. David McDonald and Sheldon Lavin play a key role in the growth and development as well as the future sustainability of the company. The company also takes pride in a diverse team of about 20,000 skilled employees worldwide. The workers are tasked with services in the 65 facilities across 17 different countries. OSI also maintains customer relations and always aims at generating new innovative ideas for client satisfaction.

OSI Industries has a solid base into future growth and sustainability into the international markets.

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