How Daniel Taub Doubled Trade Between the UK and Israel

Perhaps one of the most noble professions that one can pursue is that of being a diplomat. On its surface diplomacy can appear to be a glamorous career as diplomats often have the opportunity to travel to interesting and far flung locales, may have to learn foreign languages as part of their job and are constantly moving from one country to another.

But diplomacy is much more than living a life that could be lifted from the pages of a travel magazine. It is about creating strategic connections between government officials and communities. It is also about maintaining the relationships that other officials have brokered in the past so that nations can cooperate with one another in order to achieve mutual goals. Read more: Daniel Taub | About

Part of what makes diplomacy a noble profession is that it often focuses on soft skills such as interpersonal communication, emotional intelligence, a background in language, history and culture to enable a diplomat to solve a pressing problem such as bringing groups that could be engaged in a conflict with one another to the table to negotiate and discuss the source of the conflict that they are having.

Diplomacy often involves negotiation and negotiation is not an easy art to master. A good negotiator must understand the other party’s wants, tendencies and history and in the case of diplomacy must seek to reach an outcome that is agreeable to them and agreeable to the entity that the diplomat represents. Learn more about Daniel Taub: and

Fortunately for the Foreign Ministry of Israel, former Ambassador and diplomat Daniel Taub had all of these qualities in spades. Daniel Taub was educated at one of the best institutions for public policy, leadership and diplomacy: the Harvard Kennedy School of Government.

Taub received a world class education in the same place that President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Africa’s first democratically-elected woman president and former UN Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon graduated from. This education helped to have a successful turn as the Israeli Ambassador to the United Kingdom.

Daniel Taub held this position starting in 2011 and left the position in 2015. He made a mark in his role as the Israeli Ambassador to the United Kingdom by reaching an important milestone.

According to a publication that is known as The Algemeiner Taub’s tenure as Ambassador marked a period of increased trade between the United Kingdom and the State of Israel. The amount of trade between the two nations actually went up by 200 percent under Ambassador Taub’s watch.

According to the article trade between Britain and Israel reached at least $5.5 billion. The article noted the Israeli embassy’s announcement that connections between the United Kingdom and Israel had grown in the areas of business, education and culture during Taub’s tenure.