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Change Your Life With Carl Daikeler

BeachbodyMaking a meaningful and lasting change for the better is a challenge for even the most motivated person. Losing weight is a common goal that people have, but making the necessary changes to begin the process and maintain weight loss or a healthy body weight is one of the most difficult tasks that a person can undertake. The mission of Carl Daikeler is to make the process of weight loss simpler, more feasible and even fun by offering helpful products and services that support whole-body wellness.

A Humble Beginning

Although Carl Daikeler is a CEO and successful entrepreneur today, he comes from a humble beginning. He has always maintained an interest in fitness, and while a college student in New York, he set aside time every day to hit the gym or do a workout at home. Although he did not like to eat a lot of vegetables, he also ensured that his diet was nutritious and balanced. After graduating from Ithaca College in 1986, he started working for the National Football League. It wanted someone to up the ante for halftime shows so that people would stay tuned in if they were watching televised games. Mr. Daikeler’s shows were a hit.

BeachbodyMoving On

In 1990, Carl Daikeler decided to make a move to the media industry. Paid advertisements were a growing phenomenon, and he wanted to be a part of the movement. He created and aired hundreds of paid advertisements, and he got to listen to a lot of the people who ordered the products that he marketed. He learned from them that going to the gym to exercise was difficult due to low self-confidence, insufficient funds and a lack of time. Knowing he could help this population of people who wanted to exercise in privacy, he launched BeachBody.


Carl Daikeler’s BeachBody started in 1998. What began as a modest set of a dozen workout DVDs turned into an empire in a hurry. Shakeology, a nutritional supplement, came online in 2009. He added a streaming service for workouts in 2015 and an app in 2018, which boosted membership.