David Schmidt Completes School, Works For Various Companies Before Founding LifeWave

Before he founded LifeWave, David Schmidt had worked for many companies that focused on the production of various energy products.

Perhaps, his involvement in these companies brought out the best part of this young and talented entrepreneur.

However, many people still do not know what David Schmidt’s young and school life was like.

The good thing about David Schmidt’s life is that he has never hidden a word, especially about his past from anyone.

That is why, in the various interviews that he has spoken to the media, David Schmidt says LifeWave did not come easy.

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It came about after putting a lot of work into it.

To prepare himself for greater things ahead of him such as being the CEO of LifeWave, a company he founded, David Schmidt had to spend a substantive amount of time working for various small and medium companies.

In fact, he recalls having worked for some 3 years in an international energy production firm. While working for these firms, David Schmidt’s mind was troubling him.

All he ever wanted was to have his own company that concentrated on the development of among other things, energy productions.

Before that time came, David Schmidt had to complete his Management Information Systems from Pace University.

When here at Pleasantville, New York, David also studied Biology.

Upon his graduation, the young David started working for companies that were in N.Y at that time.

Advanced Applications Group is one of the energy companies David Schmidt worked for.

While here the young man learned many things that would later help him properly manage his LifeWave Company.

Prior to founding LifeWave, David Schmidt developed rocket engines using the mere metal combustion method.

Besides, the young but talented man developed multi-fueled prototypes as well as generating power using turbines that do not have blades.

Thanks to his high-end creativity, Dr. Alexander Marinaccio awarded David Schmidt an honorary doctorate that recognizes exemplary innovators.

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