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DFINTIY USA Moves Toward Blockchain Singularity

DFINITYWhen blockchain technology was introduced to the world many years ago, it came with the promise of boldly changing how governments, societies, economies and other systems function. However, the exceptional promise made by blockchain tech has largely gone unrealized over the years. Notably, however, the trend is poised to change thanks to the work of the team at DFINITY. This innovative company has created a different type of blockchain platform. The platform, known as the Internet Computer, is specifically designed to make the widespread adoption of smart contracts easier to achieve via a single system. With a closer look at what makes DFINITY’s Internet Computer different, you will see that it has the potential to achieve blockchain singularity.

The Internet Computer stands far apart from other comparable solutions utilized today because it is a public-access blockchain platform that is designed with several unique features. As a public-access platform, it removes roadblocks related to affordability and predictability. It is also more efficient thanks to features like subnet nodes and the Service Nervous System. The subnet nodes support peer-to-peer communication directly, so the inefficiencies associated with an intermediary are eliminated from the equation. The Service Nervous System is in place so that developers and engineers can execute upgrades to the system via decentralized, token-based units called apps.

Dfinity Foundation

More than $100 million in investor funding channeled into DFINITY’s coffers in 2018 as a show of support for the Internet Computer. The solution has the enthusiastic support of everyone from node providers to blockchain enthusiasts and crypto market investors. Because DFINITY’s experienced team of developers continues to refine the Internet Computer, you can expect it to garner an increasing amount of positive attention in the years ahead.