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Eye Care Guide with Tom Chang MD

Tom Chang MD is one of the founders of Acuity Eye Group; he is a professional ophthalmologist with years of experience performing innovative surgeries and giving lectures about eye care. His company the Acuity Eye Group offers a variety of eye-related services for patients and young professionals in the ophthalmology field. Recently Dr. Tom Chang MD gave some advice on how people can actively take care of their eye health as a proactive measure of numerous risks.


Digital Eye Strain

As more people have resorted to working from home during the pandemic, Tom Chang MD insists that computer users should be cautious about the blue light emitted from monitors.  More and more people study and work from their computers currently. He notes that users who experience headaches and blurred vision after prolonged computer use should minimize exposure. Tom Chang MD recommends users take short breaks of about twenty seconds for every twenty minutes of screen time looking at an object twenty feet away.


Balanced Diet

One habit that Tom Chang finds beneficial to many of his clients is the impact of a good diet on eye health. He states that simple lifestyle habits such as eating foods rich in minerals like leafy greens combined with vitamin-rich foods can help prolong eye health. Tom Chang MD also recommends drinking plenty of water and using supplements rich in minerals and vitamins as an essential part of a balanced diet.


Eye Checkup

Even with all the measures that Tom Chang recommends, he still advises people to make an appointment with the local eye doctor for an eye exam. He states that an annual visit helps keep track of the general condition of the eyes; this also helps identify any disease before it develops into a severe problem. This recommendation is especially pertinent for people with a family history of eye problems.

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