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 Fun in the Sun with the Kids at SeaWorld’s Aquatica

SeaWorld’s Aquatica is another of the SeaWorld Orlando Florida theme parks. Like most of the other rides and pools of SeaWorld’s, there is a lot of fun for kids in this park. It has several interactive shows and rides for children and adults. They offer several water slides for kids and a pool that’s designed especially for older kids. There are also several fun games that SeaWorld’s Aquatica offers for kids to play that are centered on fun in the sun at sea.

The slides and pools at SeaWorld’s Aquatica have slides specially made for the younger crowd, and they are all geared towards making the little ones have fun in the sun at sea. SeaWorld’s hired several entertainers, such as the “Slide Twins” who comes along with two slide shows each consisting of two different themes. One of these slides includes slides that let you feed fish and blow bubbles, and another has slides where the audience can ride the roller coaster and shoot at stingrays. There are also several games including beach volleyball on the half-court and luge on the other half-court.

The kids’ half-court basketball court is another of the many fun things you can do at SeaWorld’s Aquatica. Located on the second floor, this court is surrounded by several hoops and mini basketball hoops that give a total of twelve fun basketball hoops. Also, there are shuffleboard, billiards, sandboxes, ping-pong tables, and a large circular pool that’s designed specifically for the younger kids’ crowd. The Waterpark of Orlando is a great place to go if you are looking for fun in the sun at sea with lots of exercises.

SeaWorld’s is located at Florida’s Sea World amusement park. SeaWorlds Aquatica offers fun for kids of all ages whether they are looking to go on a swimming adventure or go dolphin watch. SeaWorld’s Aquatica is filled with things to do with the entire family.

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