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 Gary McGaghey, CFO at Williams Lea Tag

The private equity expert Gary McGaghey is known for his diverse experience. He has been the CFO of Williams Lea Tag for two years, a company he helped grow by 50% in market share. He also speaks frequently about M&A activity and risk management. Prior to joining the corporate world, McGaghey started out as an auditor at Arthur Andersen, where he held various roles in the audit and risk management departments. From there, he moved into the private equity industry and has held various roles.

As a former Group CFO of an international company, McGaghey has extensive experience in leading and transforming companies. His approach is equal parts people management and financial expertise. As a mentor and leader, he focuses on developing strong teams and empowering them to drive business performance. Once they’re up to speed, the firm can develop better pricing strategies and achieve a healthy exit. As a result, the company is profitable again.

As a CFO, McGaghey has a clear vision for the future of Williams Lea Tag Company. He believes that the company will be more stable in the long run if it allocates more resources to people and advanced technology. This is the basis of expansion and growth. The role of the CFO is to support the activities that lead to success. He is a visionary, driven person who believes in creating a more sustainable future for Williams Lea Tag Company.

In addition to his work as a CFO at global organizations, Gary McGaughey is a community volunteer, offering mentorship and guidance to UT Arlington students. While he was in the MBA program at UT Arlington, he volunteered his time to help current business students with career decision-making skills. He also served as the Vice President and Secretary of the Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Mu Chapter. While at UT Arlington, McGaughey also served as a company secretary and executive board member. Read More by visiting: