Isidoro Quiroga

Isidoro Quiroga Looks to Expand Business Ventures to Silicon Valley

This Chilean businessman currently serves as the founder and majority shareholder of Asesorías e Inversiones Benjamín. 

Prior to this, Isidoro Quiroga has been a businessman in the food industry for most of his life. After attending the School of Engineering at the Universidad de Chile, he decided to get started in the kiwi business. His venture in the kiwi industry in the 1980s led to a vast amount of experience, which has led him to sit on the board of directors for companies involved in the mining and energy industry. He now serves as The Controller of Australis Seafoods. 

After collecting 20 years of experience as a businessman, Isidoro Quiroga bought a percentage of Australis Seafoods in 2003. After holding a portion of ownership for a couple of years, Quiroga decided to buy the entire company and serve as the Chief Executive Officer. Under Quiroga’s leadership the company went public in the Santiago de Chile stock exchange. After buying out the company in 2007, Quiroga faced a terrible salmon virus that led many companies in the industry to file for bankruptcy. However, due to Quiroga’s leadership, the company was able to outlast the virus and find extreme amounts of success after the virus had subsided.

Once Quiroga became the top player in Chile, he decided that he wanted to expand his operations to America and buy one of the top salmon distributors in America. Quiroga bought the True Salmon Pacific Company, which allowed him to enter a much more competitive market. Quiroga later sold Australis Seafoods to Joyvio Group Co., which is a prominent holding group from China. He was able to still act as the controller of the company even after the sale.

Currently, Quiroga is looking to enter the IT field and has his eyes set on Silicon Valley as his next destination.