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Jake Medwell: Striking A Bipartisan Deal On Infrastructure

Having a bipartisan infrastructure bill is very important. It creates jobs and makes improvements to things we need for everyday life such as broadband and safe roads for traveling. There is also another portion that is considered to be the human infrastructure. In this particular bill, the democrat plans to use the reconciliation process to pass it. However, the infrastructure bill that will have climate change added to it according to Jake Medwell, can be done with both democrats and republicans coming together. It’s very important because it could put our economy back on track and bring in millions of jobs that are so desperately needed due to the pandemic.

Jake Medwell, who is a founding partner of 8VC, believes that a bill around $1 trillion will be agreed upon for this infrastructure package, and that both parties will indeed strike a deal. This is good news because shows that congress can work together for the people when it comes down to doing something. He also stated how weak the jobs report was and it’s very dismal. We do need these jobs that this deal would bring. Also, the tax hike to pay for the human infrastructure package will be somewhere between 21% to 28%.

Jake Medwell truly understands the tasks that’s ahead for congress. They will get a deal done, and things will get back to normal. We all know that there will be plenty of negotiating going on, and it looks like a deal can be seen soon.

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