CEO Insurance sector

John Ritenour and Valli, founders of IOA

In 1988 John Ritenour and his wife Valli launched an insurance company in America. The insurance company was to cover a wider variety of areas, for instance, personal and business needs. John introduced one-stop shopping where he offered more than three types of insurance coverage to understand one’s needs in a family business and the different insurance needs. John Ritenour aimed at rooting his insurance company and increasing his agencies to reach a large number of people covered, and his insurance.

He had several different insurance covers; vehicle insurance, property, individual, select business, insurance for specific industries, worker compensation, and business liability. He ensured that at least each need was covered. He confirmed that time is needed to study family and business before suggesting the type of insurance cover to take on a particular product. Individuals had to be advised of the best body of insurance to take, and this did one-stop shopping to be one of the most recommended insurance covers. John and his wife made an assurance to make people’s dreams come through by giving them a compressive cover that addressed all their insurance needs and exempted them from paying for the conditions they rarely needed.

IOA provided covers for both small and more significant producer’s to cover every individual’s insurance coverage needs. The company’s growth has also helped create job opportunities for the residents of his country.

John Ritenour started as a door-to-door insurance salesman before he became a chief producer in his own company. It’s believed that his motive for insurance is the one that gave him the courage to propose to his high school lover, Valli, who accepted his proposal and became a business partner and a companion to him. The couple founded their own company, which they developed to one stop insurance which later was converted to IOA. Refer to this article to learn more