Local Michigan Residents Have Different View of Betsy DeVos

Mainstream media outlets have branded Betsy DeVos as everything from unprepared to tone deaf, especially when she served as the secretary of education under the Trump administration. Residents of the Grand Rapids area in the western part of Michigan have a very different view of her, however. This is due largely in part to her remarkable track record of charitable contributions. Back in 2015, Betsy DeVos and her husband gave out over $11.5 million. This is double the amount that they gave in campaign contributions over a five year period, yet it’s this latter distinction that the media has previously elected to focus on.


Considering the incredible variety of charities that she’s supported, however, it doesn’t seem like they’ll be able to focus merely on this for much longer. In that same fiscal year of 2015, Betsy DeVos and her family gave over $3 million to various educational causes. They even awarded around 3 percent of their charitable giving to a number of groups that support educational reform, which in turn should help to create a more equitable situation for those living in inner-city neighborhoods.


The current educational system has served to harm the interests of the very individuals that it claims to protect, hence the necessity of these reform movements. Grand Rapids-area residents have debated these issues for decades, and there are of course many who sharply disagree with the positions held by Betsy DeVos. Regardless, even her sharpest local critics have admitted that her charitable contributions as well as her pragmatic personality have helped to have an effect on the local education market.


On top of this, many other charities that manage other aspects of the human condition also receive support from Betsy DeVos. It’s these, rather than any talking points, that are the most notable aspect of her career among those who live in her local community.


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