Luke Lazarus

Launching a business is not most accessible, and Luke Lazarus, an Australian entrepreneur, and consultant understands this perfectly well.

Luke Lazarus understands that operating a competitive enterprise and turning it into a successful and profitable venture is even more challenging.

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At only twenty-five, Lazarus started and managed four successful business ventures despite the odds and tides against new enterprises.

Eight years into the business, Lazarus sold off the entire four companies, and he could retire at only thirty-three years old.

Well, at a young age, he did not visualize retirement as an attractive option at the moment.

Luke Lazarus dedicated his life to assisting other businesses and entrepreneurs facing hardships in turning around their businesses.

He used and leveraged his success with the previous ventures he managed to start and operate Lazarus consulting firm with its base in Sydney.

The company has been operational for the past twenty years offering consultancy services across a wide range of business sectors in the economy.

For as long as Lazarus can remember, he has had a passion for business, and entrepreneurship was close to his heart. He started his first business at only eight years, surprisingly, and he operated this business until he graduated from high school.

Lazarus is equally gifted in academics as he nearly achieved a near-perfect score in his high school, garnering a 4.0 grade.

Lazarus received offers from prestigious colleges and universities worldwide, with Universities from Australia and United States offering spots for Lazarus in their business school.

But, instead, he settled for the Melbourne Business School, where he later graduated with a master’s degree in Business Education.

So, it is not surprising that immediately after graduation, he received offered multiple job opportunities by some of the world-leading conglomerates.

Still, he turned all of them down to pursue his passion for business startups.

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