Deflecting Attention May Help Betsy DeVos Succeed In The Era Of Trump

It is incredibly hard to get a read on the billionaire Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos. Her confirmation hearing gave little insight into her political background. She simply sat in front of Congress with a big smile while continually answering with clichés.


News cameras caught her running away from protesters at schools in Washington, DC. She did not make a fuss about these interactions and the media quickly forgot. In fact, I think we all collectively forgot. And this may be the exact plans of Betsy DeVos.


The billionaire comes from Michigan where she has been involved with state politics for years. Anybody that has worked with her knows that she is incredibly smart and intimidating. She has been fighting for education reform for her entire political career and continues to do so at the federal level. The only difference is that she is not outspoken or intimidating at the federal level. That’s because she does not want any media attention.


One anecdote leads us to believe that she cares deeply about people. She huddled her employees, some of them homosexual and transgender, to warn them that Trump was about to repeal protections for transgender students in public schools. Trump used executive powers to eliminate an Obama-era rule that allowed transgender students to use the bathrooms of their choice. She fought Trump vigorously over the elimination of the rule and then warned her staff after losing the fight. She did not, however, take the fight public in order to stay out of the media’s spotlight.


And this may be the perfect administration for her. Donald Trump has been mired in scandals and there has been record-breaking turnover in his White House. The media seems focused on the president while Betsy DeVos is free to push her agenda without any attention.


Just look at her charter school visits across America. She recently flew down to Florida to visit a charter school started by hip-hop artist Pit Bull. The Florida native is famous for his pop songs that use profane lyrics and misogynistic images. But Betsy DeVos was quick to team up with the popular rap artist in order to push charter schools across the country.


It is this a slow, intelligent and diligent work that may prove effective for the secretary. She has put her feisty nature on hold in order to deflect attention to become the most effective politician possible.


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Gareth Henry Puts Words Into Action Helping the LGBTQ Community

When not working for the Toronto People With AIDS Foundation, Gareth Henry, 40, devotes his spare time to Rainbow Railroad, a non-profit Canadian organization that helps to relocate persecuted LGBTQ people from countries around the world.

A native Jamaican, Henry knows full well about persecution. At 16 he came out as gay after leaving home. He joined the Jamaican gay movement JFLAG when it was established in 1998. He became an outspoken activist pushing to change the laws for same-sex couples. In 2004, Henry became the head of JFLAG after the murder of the organization’s prior leader. He suffered beatings at the hands of police and had friends killed by anti-gay mobs. Striving to change the laws in a country where same-sex relationships are illegal, led to death threats that ultimately forced him to leave his homeland.

When Gareth Henry landed in Canada in 2008 with refugee status, he knew there were numerous LGBTQ people left behind who needed help in escaping the hate-crimes and violence. With 76 countries still considering gay and lesbian consensual relationships criminal, Rainbow Railroad helps refugees from these countries establish new lives. By volunteering with Rainbow Railroad, Henry found he could make a difference.

Trying to change a culture of discrimination against LGBTQ people is what drives Gareth Henry to keep speaking out. He brings not only the spotlight to Rainbow Railroad, but also badly needed donations. Due to lack of funds, they are unable to help some in dire need of assistance, leading to heartbreaking results.

Gareth Henry, his husband Aron, along with other family members who have moved from Jamaica, has now made a life in Canada. Gay-rights privileges and freedoms in Canada allow the couple to live in peace. Jamaica has made some strides in the cause of gay rights recently, with Gay Pride Parades allowed to be held. But overall, homophobia is still a daily presence in Jamaica. Without a support system, many LGBTQ people suffer in silence. Gareth Henry will not be silent and continue to fight for the persecuted LGBTQ community in Jamaica and across the globe.

The Geology Investment Expertise of Matt Badiali

Matt Badiali is the proven Chief Resource Investment Expert and a few companies. He right now works with Banyan Hill Publishing and Stansberry Research; among different undertakings.

Matt’s tasks work all through the Greater Miami territory and in addition the East Coast and Southern United States. Penn State college is the place he accomplished his Bachelor’s degree. His PhD would be finished at the University of North Carolina. Matt’s learning of geography and science was the establishment for his back world introduction. The counsel he has given out has collected people up to triple digit picks up in their investments.

Real Wealth Strategist is a pamphlet he distributes through Banyan Hill Publishing. In the regular resource advertise his investment exhortation has turned out to be sound. Knowing that science and also the resources are key parts when contributing effectively. Proficient regarding the matter, Matt Badiali trusts the manner by which vitality is devoured will before long change radically; and non-renewable energy sources will wind up out of date at last. He states that sooner rather than later there will be batteries that can supply electric charge capacity to whole urban communities. Having proper learning can yield wonderful returns if put resources into the correct resources.

A considerable measure of his insight originates from hands-on work in various spots. As of late, he clarified oil costs; expressing that oil out-performed by 30% amid the previous year and it wasn’t seen as beneficial before that point. In 2017 he made proposals about oil contributing to investments. Throughout the following year oil would be go 45% and yielded comes about for the individuals who trusted in him.

He additionally as of late addressed the nearby market estimation of pot and what number of financial specialists are exploiting the circumstance. Realizing that it’s a developing business sector the profits will in the long run observe stature they still can’t seem to see. Matt Badiali additionally examined the new duty arrange for that was passed. He educated through his pamphlet that as much as $34 billion and payouts will be made as freedom checks.

He stated it could be the greatest trade get out ever in history, dependent upon accounts being situated before a given time. Matt Badiali keeps on progressively learning and teaching inside the field geology/investing.

Economist Ted Bauman Explains Why Employees Have Been Getting Left Behind Since 1976

Ted Bauman is an economist who presently lives in the Atlanta, Georgia region. He has spent most of his professional career working for nonprofits, primarily those who provide housing options to low-income households. He now writes about investing in a careful manner which preserves assets while attaining growth. He also writes about how to maintain privacy in an ever more connected world where the government and large corporations want to pry into the things that you do. Additionally, he writes about international migration including both its causes and effects.

About five years ago Ted Bauman joined Banyan Hill Publishing. He writes three newsletters with each primarily focused on a different subject. He says that he wants his writing to add value to what Banyan Hill offers subscribers. He enjoys writing about essential topics from the point of view of an economist which are written in a way that brings people coming back for more. He says that some of the topics he covers are mundane but, with great writing, people can learn about these important subjects and connect how they play into their daily lives.

A new trend that Ted Bauman has identified is how labor shortages no longer bring about increased wages. This is the opposite of how it’s always been where companies need to increase wages during labor shortages in order to attract talent and retain existing good employees. Somehow this is no longer the case and employers continue to offer as little as possible both to existing and new employees. Why this is the case is something that he has deeply explored.

It’s been since 1976 that companies have been able to not significantly increase the wages companies pay their employees, reports Ted Bauman. This is despite productivity exploding since that year. Productivity has gone up by 74% since 1976 while wages only went up by 12%. He has written that its the shareholders of companies who now benefit from increased productivity as well as the senior management. Employees have been left behind while employers and major shareholders use every means possible to influence public policy so that the status quo continues to benefit just them.

Ted Bauman Explains 3 Possible Stock Market Crash Outcomes

Use Wikipedia To Learn More About The Equities First Holdings Group, LLC

Get More Information From Wikipedia About The EFH Group

The popular Wikipedia page has a lot of information about the popular Equities First Holdings, wealth firm. The EFH Group, leaders in the equity industry, have helped several Fortune 500 companies become a success. Their goal is to shape the future business leaders of tomorrow. You can get the secure equity you need for an investment property or to start a small business. They use an education system to help their clients make better financial decisions. Build your portfolio or learn ways to invest in your future with the financial fitness program from Equities First Holdings.

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Fortress Investment Group And The Handling Of Assets

Fortress Investment Group not long ago strengthened its latest investment style. It’s going to supply its investors with choices that are 100 percent secure. It’s going to do this with the assistance of iPass. iPass, in a nutshell, is a prominent international supplier that concentrates on international choices in connectivity matters. The sum that was on hand was $20 million. Half of that sum was given to iPass without any delay at all. Gary Griffiths is the man who works as iPass’ President and Chief Executive Officer. He indicated that iPass now can turn its attention to raising revenue. iPass handles the planet’s biggest wireless high-speed Internet access network that gives companies and people the chance to utilize hotspots. There are 64 million plus hotspots in locations all around the planet. People can employ these hotspots in diverse settings everywhere such as airports, hotels, railway stations, convention centers, music venues and even dining establishments. People think that there are going to be many more hotspots everywhere in the near future as well. They think that there will be upward of 340 million of them once 2018 comes to a close.

Fortress has a rock-solid collaboration with the iPass team in the works right now. iPass Unlimited is in the midst of becoming a business that relies heavily on the cloud. Fortress Investment Group has been a major force since the late nineties. Its founders put it together in 1998. Institutional Investor magazine is a widely known publication that has a lot of respect for Fortress Investment Group and all that it does on a daily basis. The publication gave Fortress its “Institutional Hedge Fund Manager of the Year” honor in the summer of 2014. Fortress has gotten a substantial degree of acknowledgement from other reputable forces in the money field. There are more than 953 individuals who work for Fortress Investment Group in bustling New York, New York and elsewhere. These people have a lot of savvy that pertains to management of assets. Fortress Investment Group is equipped with branches that are in all different sections of the globe.


Sheldon Lavin Success with OSI Group

Sheldon Lavin is the current CEO and chairman of OSI Group. He has been part of this organization for the past 43 years when it was called Otto and Sons Company before being changed to OSI Group. With his education in accounting and finance, Sheldon worked as the financial advisor for the company.

Otto and his two sons were entirely in charge of the company, but this was until the year 1975 when Sheldon Lavin became an active member of the company. He had his share in the company when Otto retired from the business. Sheldon changed the name of the company to OSI from Otto & Sons.

During this period, OSI was facing some financial challenges and was unable to deliver services to the McDonalds who were their customer. Sheldon took this opportunity to prove his worth. He helped steer immense growth for OSI Group. As time went by, one of the sons decided to sell his interest while the other one retired and Sheldon took over OSI Group entirely.

Sheldon has been a purpose-driven man, and through this, he has managed to see the company succeed through global growth. OSI has been able to acquire many food handling organizations worldwide which include the Dutch Baho Food Controlling Stake, Joint Venture in UK, UK Flagship Europe, and the German Hynek.

Sheldon Lavin has managed to scoop different awards during his career journey. These include Safety Risk Award and other awards of participation which include service award for being President and Director of the Sheba Foundation, Trustee for Ronald McDonald House of Charities, Board Member of the Goodman Theatre and Board Member of Rush University Medical Centre. Sheldon Lavin also received a Global Visionary Award from India’s Vision World Academy in 2016.

With all these successes, Sheldon Lavin is a philanthropist. We see him participate in charities for providing housing and basic needs for families with chronic diseases, sick children and also support for college funds. He has been working with organizations like the McDonald House Charities, the Jewish Organizations, United Negra College and the National Sclerosis Society, just naming a few.

CVS Versus Amazon In A Clash Of The Titans Says Drew Madden

The world of healthcare information technology is one that has been inhabited by Drew Madden for a very long time. He has made a career out of knowing what is going on in that world and trying to help others to understand it as well. Since he has done this for so long, he has a lot of insight into recent developments in this field. One of the things that he has been keeping an eye on as of late is the battle between CVS and Amazon.

Amazon has applied for licenses to sell pharmaceutical products via the Internet in a few states. This set off alarm bells for the people at CVS and other healthcare retailers because it meant that Amazon may soon be in their backyard as it were competing for the very same customers that they were trying to keep all to themselves. It was really too much for some companies to stomach. However, CVS decided that they could make some changes to the way that they run their business in order to achieve maximum results.

CVS said that it would offer free delivery on all products that customers ordered. In addition to that, the company was going to be opening a lot more MinuteClinic stations in their stores throughout the country. Those clinics can help customers receive some quick medical attention from a licensed doctor to get diagnosed with simple things such as a cold or the flu. Then they can go ahead and purchase the medication that they need to fight those illnesses.

These are just a few of the things that CVS has done to insulate itself against the possibility that Amazon may be coming after them. Other companies ought to take note of this and try their own methods towards keeping their customers in tact and coming back to them time and time again. You really do have to win those customers over every single day. It is not something that you can just do once and be done with it. When you realize this, it is a lot easier to push on through.

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Louis Chenevert, Chairman And CEO Of UTC Increased Profits And Improved Production At Every Job He Landed

Even at a young age, Louis Chenevert was well aware that achieving success was not a magic trick, or only for the ‘lucky’. Success is gained by applying hard work and dedication to the cause. Entrepreneurship was the driving force behind his hard work, he knew even as an adolescent that this was the career path of his dreams.

Born in 1958 in the Canadian Province of Montréal, Québec he was raised by parents who could be considered a traditional, ordinary family. After graduating high school, Louis Chenevert attended The University of Montréal; Specifically the Montréal HEC Business School. He developed a particular interest in Production Management and obtained a degree in that field. Production Management ensures the quality, speed of production, and lowest cost are implemented with the focus on profitability.


Putting his degree to good use began by first landing a job on the assembly line at General Motors in Quebec, and embracing the early enlightenment he developed of hard work equals success. Rising to corporate positions within General Motors was no exception. He exemplified the principles of dedication and determination and found himself rising through the ranks in the massive corporation. Eventually he proudly accepted the position of executive at General Motors, keeping the company’s overall goals as the essence of his career.

After 14 years of employment at General Motors, Louis Chenevert was ready to expand his professional horizons and was inspired by a coworker to pursue a career in aerospace technologies. Intrigued by the prospect, he impressed the team at Pratt & Whitney Canada (PWC) and was offered a position in 1993. Due to his success in increasing profits, and implementing some of the assembly line experience he learned at GM he effectively took the company from producing a jet engine from a two-year process, to only 10 months. In 1996, he was chosen to succeed the vice president of the larger sister company, P&W in The United States.

UTC, the Parent Company of both PWC and P&W called upon Louis Chenevert to join their team, where he was soon appointed the position of Chairman. Landing a contract with the US Navy worth hundreds of millions of dollars, negotiating the acquisition of BF Goodrich, increasing productivity within the corporation, and streamlining efficacy are only a few of his remarkable achievements.

Tony Petrello And The Story Behind Becoming Involved At The Texas Children’s Hospital

Tony Petrello is no medical expert, but he is happy to help experts in that field by donating to research facilities. He has done this for over 10 years at the Texas Children’s Hospital where he got involved after coming out of a tough time in his life. Tony Petrello is the CEO of Nabors Industries, one of the world’s top oil drilling companies, and he always has found a way to solve problems that few others have. But he found when his daughter Carena was born that he faced new problems that he could not defeat. Tony Petrello Welcomes Tommy Tune Home To Houston.

Tony Petrello and his wife Cynthia found out their young daughter had periventricular leukomalacia, a brain condition that has also caused cerebral palsy in young children. They tried to consult with some of the nation’s best doctors and surgeons on how to treat Carena, but they were told she would have that condition for the rest of her life. It was hard for Petrello to face that reality watching his daughter grow up, but he realized that since little was being done by way of research in children’s brain disorders, he decided he would do something about it. Petrello had met with two other business people in Dan and Jan Duncan who decided to start a center for young children’s neurological research. Petrello decided to become involved in this and in a fundraiser he wrote a check for $5 million to it. Later on he added $2 million more, and today the institute is one of the top children’s neurological research centers in the world. Petrello hopes people will recognize how important this field is from his work.

Tony Petrello is originally from New Jersey and is a graduate of Yale University in the Advanced Mathematics field. He also studied law at Harvard and became an expert in corporate and finance law as he became an attorney for Baker & McKenzie, a law firm based in New York. He represented many investment banks, hedge funds, pharmaceutical companies and also Nabors Industries who offered him the job as chief operating officer after he had spent 13 years at the firm and 6 as managing partner there. Tony Petrello spent 20 years in that role before being nominated CEO upon the passing of former CEO Eugene Isenberg. Petrello also serves with several other energy companies including the Board of Directors at Stewart & Stevenson and Hillcorp Energy.

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