PosiGen Solar Energy

PosiGen: Renewable Sources of Energy for All

Posigen is one of the few companies in corporate America that are highly committed to improving the lives of the communities they serve and worth in the programs and projects they undertake. The company has a long history of supporting black and migrant communities to get a footing and access better and affordable alternative energy sources. The PosiGen company is running one of the most diverse solar leasing programs mainly targeted to the marginalized and low-income families accessing the entire united states. The program allows families to invest in their homes and, in return, get access to solar panels.


Posigen is delighted to be part of the companies bringing real change in the energy sector across the United States. Utility bills in the United States are sometimes massive, and some families cannot afford this form of energy. With the coming of Posigen, the communities and families that got previously cut off the national grid have a source of a smile. Their solar panels are affordable, and they are durable. Posigen works exceptionally hard to ensure that the communities they serve save on the utility bill they pay for electricity. They are pretty proud of being a formidable partner in contributing to the economies of these societies. The number of money families save on utility bills is invested back in the community, which is part of the greater mission of Posigen.

Posigen as a company operates under four primary pillars that guide its daily operations and functions. These goals are all informed at making the communities and societies they serve better. One of these goals is to ensure they provide and create job opportunities for marginalized communities. In this case, the company singled out people of color and immigrants affected mainly by the job market. In this regard, all the jobs at PosiGen that fall in these communities get provided to persons from these communities. Consequently, Posigen employs over 65 percent of its employees to persons of color and immigrants. They are also great supporters of gender equality, and they have the most significant number of employees as women.