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Rachel Nichols: The Inside Scoop

When we look at individual lives that have been passionate about showing what their careers are truly made out of, Rachel Nichols stands high on the list. She has put together an incredible resume, full of a long career in reporting. Getting the opportunity to follow Serena and Venus Williams early on in their sporting careers. Helping document the story of Lebron James by providing inside detail on his life leading up the NBA.

You name it, she has done it for the sports world. But what is her potential that many people gravitate towards when they look at her life? How do they see the real Rachel Nichols in the midst of her reports, and her work that is constantly being done?

An exclusive interview by Molly Knight for the website Marie Claire gives some detail into what this all looks like for Rachel in a quick nutshell. When Rachel Nichols first worked her career, it took a bit of time for her to rise up. She had been doing work for CNN, and Turner Sports, before coming onto SportsCenter to be an analyst for the NBA.

In her additional work with the Washington Post and the Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel, she brought excellent reports to the table in her analysis and deepened research. The fun part that was big for her, has been in working alongside the athletes. Highlighting different reactions to their journeys in the NBA, or in other sport sectors.

In the article, the interviewer does a good job asking Nichols about the mentality of what drives her with covering basketball. She is led personally by the diversity, and the quick movements of the sport with ten guys on the court. And what Rachel gives to the sport, is the detailed inside scoop that is much needed. Refer to this page for additional information.


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