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Ross Levinsohn Sheds Insight on Keys to His Success

Ross LevinsohnRoss Levinsohn is the new Chief Executive Officer at Maven, which is a single-platform solution for a variety of media-related services. However, he is most well-known in the professional world for his key positions with Yahoo! and Fox Interactive Media. While he spent several years in high-level positions at these companies, they are only some of the notable, executive-level positions that Ross Levinsohn has held.

While Levinsohn graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Communications from American University in 1985, he attributes his exceptional success to far more than a quality education and hard work. One of his many accomplishments while leading Fox Interactive Media was connecting several major web properties with Fox. Levinsohn also has invested heavily in smaller and larger companies alike over the years in an effort to drive the media tech world forward. While taking the main leadership position at Guggenheim Digital Media, Levinsohn headed up publications like Billboard Magazine, AdWeek and the Hollywood Reporter. He has also worked in top executive leadership positions at Alta Vista, HBO, Sports Illustrated, The Boston Consulting Group, ZEFR, Whisper Advisors and a few others.

Ross Levinsohn starts most days before sunrise, and he consistently puts in 12 solid hours of work. At the same time, he maintains his creative energy. This energy fosters some of his most exciting ideas. Levinsohn also recognizes that his companies’ success are rooted in the full efforts of the team. Because of this, Levinsohn actively maintains great listening skills and incorporates patience into many areas of his workday. In his position as the CEO at Maven, Levinsohn will incorporate the many personal skills that he has mastered with his professional expertise to boost the company successfully into the future.