Saying Goodbye Gordonstoun style

While the rest of the world weeps at the loss of a duke through Prince Phillip’s death, those who knew him at Gordonstoun School held a small goodbye for him.

The group of pupils and Gordonstoun staff boarded the 80ft training boat and headed to Hopeman Harbor, there they had a small tribune and laid a wreath amongst the waters where Prince Phillip had first learned to sail.

Saying goodbye is never easy and for these teachers, staff members, and even students this goodbye is a bit more personal than it is for some others.

Amongst this small party was the principal Lisa Kerr, she has been connected to Prince Phillip for many years, even calling his connection to Gordonstoun School “lifelong.”

Not only because he himself attended Gordonstoun but also because he has had his children and grandchildren attend the school as well.

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Although he was a duke she recalls how he never made a big deal out of it, simply showing up to recitals and meetings as any other family member would.

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t is easy to see how their feelings towards Prince Phillip were that of friends, not strangers, that this personal ceremony isn’t just another formality but rather a way for these few to say their goodbyes to someone that they cared for.

Using this method of saying goodbye is truly personal and provides a sense of closeness to Phillip through his love for Hopeman Harbor and the Gordonstoun School.

As we look on and see these continuing ceremonies full of formalities, I hope that those at Gordonstoun have received the closure they were seeking and that Phillip is able to feel their love and respect from beyond his time here.

He will surely be missed by all, especially those at Gordonstoun School.