Democracy Haiti

Summary of Global Expert Georgette Mulheir and her Organization Defend Haiti´s Democracy

Georgette Mulheir is very passionate about helping Haiti, and it’s evident with being the founder of Defend Haiti’s Democracy or the DHD for short. The organization works to end the violence in Haiti and bring back democracy to the state. As for activist Georgette Mulheir concerns, anyone can help out by taking action. Haiti has been in turmoil from a lot of corruption with stalled elections, no form of democracy, gang presence, violence, kidnappings, and even massacres. The President of Haiti rules by his own control and through the use of his own police force. 


Haiti is described and evident to be under the control of a dictatorship. Georgette Mulheir runs a campaign and has stories centered around Haiti. When it comes to massacres and how they are occurring, the state supports gang violence to help control citizens and keep them under the rule of a dictator. Unfortunately, Georgette Mulheir explains, these gangs have targeted women and children to send a message and show a certain pattern of the state. As people would think, these attacks seem to be calculated in poorer communities and on citizens who oppose the rule of the government and state. 


The police force in Haiti tends to not get into any consequences for their actions and involvement in corruption. It is not the only state with this kind of corruption but they need assistance from others. This is largely where Georgette Mulheir comes in as she works in Haiti and has contributed a lot to various communities. Georgette Mulheir is recognized as a global expert on transforming systems and the care of children. She is very involved in a multitude of communities and helped many children throughout her life from the barrels of orphanages and trafficking. She has visited many countries to help address these modern-day issues.