Matt Badiali Predicts Oil Prices will Climb a great Deal…

Matt Badiali, the PhD Geologist that visits actual mines to study their contents prior to adding their owners into Matt Badiali’s investment portfolio, has made an interesting prediction. He has some pretty good information to back it up also. Essentially, Matt Badiali believes that the price per barrel for oil will skyrocket past the $100 per barrel that has been seen in the past. He has a handful of observations to back the claim up, and we’ll be looking briefly at each.

Matt Badiali fears that a new Chinese futures contracts market will negatively impact the cost of crude oil. Even Sadi Arabia is tied to futures contracts measured in North American dollars. The new Chinese standard will use their form of currency instead and serve as one form of negative impact because of this.

The war in Yemen is another factor. Matt Badiali feels that the influx of rebels funded by Iranian sources will be a cause of great instability. We all know that instability leads to a negative impact on material prices. The situation involves the war on terror and is already a hotbed of instability without the rebels.

Speaking of instability, the North American president (Donald Trump) has created a great deal of it by pulling out of the former Iran deal. This executive action from America sent the signal, for the first time ever, that America can leave a world obligation with no second guessing it. The precedence is a dangerous one indeed, and it could even affect the cost of North American oil!

Venezuela, once a producer of crude oil, has entered into a financial crisis as of recently. Any time a producer of crude has an affected economy, the result will be an effect on the price of crude in general. Matt Badiali‚Äôs Freedom Checks Are Real After All. That’s the situation with Venezuela.

Because of the four previously discussed reasons, Matt Badiali feels that the price of oil will climb up once again. Possibly it will climb a little worse than before? Many people take Matt’s predictions seriously. He has an incredible understanding of both earth science and also financial investment opportunities.