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Taking Control of the Future with Ross Levinsohn

Ross LevinsohnTo some people, the growth of technology in the media world may seem like a natural evolution. While such growth may certainly be inevitable, it is not without direction. It takes astute leadership to leverage media technology, and only companies with the right leaders in place will thrive. That is why Ross Levinsohn is such a respected name in the industry.

Currently, Ross Levinsohn is the CEO of Maven. Maven is one of the largest media companies in the world with properties that span the globe. In particular, it is known for properties like Sports Illustrated and the History Channel. In order to maintain a media presence so vast, Maven needs the best leadership available. Levinsohn is the best choice for the job.

Ross Levinsohn has been active in the media industry since the 1990s. He holds a degree in communications from American University. However, his career has focused heavily on the expression of media through evolving technologies. He has focused on helping companies navigate technology change. More than that, he has helped companies embrace technology to expand their media footprint.

The evidence is clear in position after position. Levinsohn served as Vice President of CBS Sports line before spending time at AltaVista and Fox Interactive Media. He started Fuse Capital in 2008 before accepting the role of Interim CEO at the struggling Yahoo brand.

This was an impressive string of successes. Each company was better off due to Levinsohn’s leadership. He matched each company to the proper digital outlets, giving them the ability to expand in the modern world. Even a troubled company like Yahoo was able to find stability, and the quality of Levinsohn’s judgment became evident across the industry.

From here, Ross Levinsohn continued to go on to bigger and better things. He took the helm at Guggenheim Digital Media before founding Whisper Advisors. He even became a guest commentator on major news networks. The success continued to build, and Levinsohn became an active investor. Surely, his time at Maven will also yield great things, and there is no telling where he will end up in the future.