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The Entrepreneurial Spirit Of James Dondero

Jim Dondero is an entrepreneur with a passion for finance and entrepreneurship. He has been working in the financial industry for over 30 years, enjoying various roles, including investment banking and private equity. Jim earned his MBA from Harvard University, which included studies on venture capital. Throughout his career, James Dondero has developed strong connections within the finance world and entrepreneurs who are looking for funding or guidance.

Jim’s entrepreneurial spirit led him to co-found Highland Capital Management in 1990, now one of the largest independent alternative investment groups.

NexPoint Advisors provides investors with a suite of real estate-related investments. As opposed to going it alone in this volatile market, Jim Dondero and his team have created a solution for individual or institutional investors who want access to some kind of return on their money without much risk involved. NexPoint offers everything from REITs (publicly traded shares) and tax-advantaged vehicles; closed-ended funds through interval funds which offer monthly distributions based off profits. By diversifying your portfolio against different types of risks, you can rest assured knowing no matter what happens, there’ll be something for you.

At NexPoint, James Dondero oversees the group’s business and investment activities as well as being portfolio manager of their closed-end fund NHF that focuses on marketable securities in sectors such as real estate and construction.

James Dondero also holds various officer roles at publicly held NXRT, which is involved with multifamily assets; NREF, a commercial mortgage REIT focusing exclusively on U.S.-based loans secured by income-producing properties or development projects for sale to third parties; and finally. NHT, an operator involving hotel property investments located mainly in the United States that serve segments like midscale lodging facilities.

James Dondero has over three decades of experience trying out various alternative investments. They include everything from credit management to managing an international network for funding deals on various products such as private equity or property development ventures with his company Highland Capital Management LLC (HCM).

In 1993 Mr. Dondero co-founded HCM alongside Co-CEOs John Hillen and Paula Lockhart Smithson, combining their respective expertise into one venture that would eventually evolve substantially beyond its original focus in just debt instruments. Instead, it became involved with other markets like real estate investments, private equity funds, and Opportunities Fund. See this page for additional information.


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