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The Molekule – An Ideal Air Purifier for Allergy Sufferers

The Molekule air filter, though more expensive than the average air filter machine, is much more effective at removing dust and pollen from a room.

If you are the one in four people in the US who suffers from allergies then it may be interesting for you to read this review and understand just how effective the Molekule air purifier really is.

Many allergies are caused by indoor dust, pollen and pollutants. Although you may already know that an air purifier can help make your life more comfortable when you suffer from this chronic condition, you may not know which air purifier will do its best to remove all of the pollutants from a room.

Why Is The Molekule Different?

This air purifier cleans 600 feet of space and removes air pollutants within this range. It is a small but very elegant appliance that has a cutting edge technology known as the photoelectrochemical oxidation filter. It is more expensive than other air filters because the technology is more expensive.

However, if you suffer from debilitating allergies then you know that this machine is well worth its price.

The Casing

The Molekule comes in a sleek package with an aluminum outer casing and a lighted digital dashboard for easy access to the controls. However, it is the PECO filtration system that makes this machine worth its weight. The innovative catalyst eliminates pollen and pollutants that are thousands of times smaller than the pollutants filtered by standard HEPA filters.

Maintenance Costs

The operation of the machine is similar to that of other air purifiers. However, the Molekule does require you to change the filter every six months and an additional pack of filters costs about $65.

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