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The Rise of the fallen hero, Ryan Kavanaugh

In 2016, Ryan Kavanaugh seized to exist in the media after the great collapse of Relativity, a TV and movie company. Before 2016, his followers thought that he was the pillar of Hollywood’s transformation. They felt that he would take Relativity to a level higher than other competitors in the media industry. However, Kavanaugh’s fans were shocked by Relativity’s bankruptcy in 2016. It was not until July 2020 when Ryan Kavanaugh started emerging again. He made his comeback amid Trump’s threat to ban TikTok. According to Trump, the former US president, TikTok was violating consumer information rights.

The threat to ban TikTok did not hinder Triller from recalling Ryan Kavanaugh. In early 2019, Kavanaugh had purchased part o it for $28 million, a value that later skyrocketed to $130 million. By 2020, it had gained immense favor in at least 51 countries across the world. Triller’s success continued to be witnesses after Trump lifted his threat to ban TikTok. When musical celebrities and other popular advertisers learned about it`s success, they offered to be partners with the company. Their partnership raised the company’s value to $1.2 billion. Triller continued to create a good experience for all its users.

Later in 2021, Triller started focusing on tradition-bound boxing in the Triller’s Fight Club. Ben Asken and Jake Paul were the first ones to feature in this match. Later, the club contributed to the success of other old champions such as Roy Jones and Mike Tyson. Millions of people downloaded Triller, which contributed to the revival of Kavanaugh. When he came back after Relativity’s downfall, he was 40 years old. Triller’s growth and exceptional success attracted many influencers, including more than 90 million followers. The fallen hero, Ryan Kavanaugh, had also gone through other serious problems, including divorce and health issues. Nevertheless, these issues did not hinder him from being successful and becoming an outshining star in the Triller.

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