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What Jack Mason Believes Will happen After the End of Lockdown in the UK

Jack Mason

The UK citizens hope to have the COVID-19 restrictions eased now that the cases keep reducing by the day. However, they need to understand that it may take time before life returns to normalcy. Although the government directed all learners to go back to schools, people should continue observing all set protocols such as wearing masks and observing social distance. A lot has changed in how people do different things such as socializing and working. Jack Mason Inc & Co CEO predicts the following changes, which the UK should expect by the end of the lockdown:

There Will be a Reduction in Property Prices as More People Relocate to the Rural Areas

According to Jack Mason Inc & Co CEO, many UK citizens worry about how they will manage to continue paying for rents because of the effects of coronavirus. The good thing is that the government has found ways of reducing its citizen’s concerns. For example, the government implemented a plan whereby tenants will not experience faultless evictions.

Additionally, no homeowners affected by the coronavirus effects will pay the mortgage for three months. Jack Mason predicts that prices for city houses will reduce. Although that will benefit people looking to buy houses, home-sellers are likely to feel the effects of selling at low prices. In addition, more people will relocate to rural homes now that they can work remotely. That may reduce rent prices in the cities as more people prefer living in the rural areas.

New Safety Guidelines When Going To Hospitality and Entertainment Joints Would Take Center Stage

Jack Mason

Many entrepreneurs who own cafes, restaurants, cinema halls, theaters, bars, and several other entertainment spots in the UK experienced challenges after COVID-19 struck. Even though some of those located in the lesser affected areas are re-opening, the government gave new measures. It aims at reducing infection rates and promote the safety of all citizens.

The development led to the rise in delivery services, and Jack Mason believes more people will venture into the business. People who avoid public places such as hotels and supermarkets prefer contracting the delivery service providers for the business. According to Jack, that may continue even after the government manages to fight COVID-19.