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Yves Mirabaud, Chairman Of Swiss Private Bank

Based in Geneva, Switzerland, Mirabaud Group is an international banking and financial firm. This company was founded in 1819, by relatives of Yves Mirabaud. Over time, it has developed into the third largest private bank in Geneva.

Yves Mirabaud attended college and graduated from Graduate Institute of International & Development Studies, in Geneva. Yves Mirabaud is presently a Swiss banker. And his success can be attributed to always putting clients first.

In 1993, Yves Mirabaud joined his family’s bank and in three years he became a managing partner and a member of its Executive Committee. Between 2000-2011, Yves served on this bank’s committee. In 2012, Yves received a promotion to the position as the Senior Partner. Then in 2015, Yves Mirabaud became the Chairman of Swiss Private Bank.

Between 2018-2019, the reports for Swiss Private Bank showed a big increase in revenue, because of Yves ability to properly manage this bank. When the corona virus hit, the market’s turbulence stifled the banking industry. Yet, this bank managed to post a return of 15% to equity.

Due to the pandemic, the financial conditions of the world have been damaged. Banks have been negatively affected by revenue hardship, globally. This occurred when a bank’s trading and commission income declined.

During the coronavirus, many investors and clients at Swiss Private Bank remained active. In spite of this, its revenue still dropped about eight percent. The weakening of the US dollar has been considered the major aspect that caused this drop.

Banks play an important part in the recovery of the economy, worldwide. This will be accomplished simply by directing investor funds into new technology. Doing this can help minimize the effects of the past two years, on the financial industry. And hopefully, this will become a significant contributor to a complete turnaround in the economy. Refer to this article for additional information.


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