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Why Joseph Ashford Ellis is a great entrepreneur

Joseph Ashford Ellis is known and respected for his support for organizations that benefit communities and promote diversity. He is committed to ensuring that businesses that have the potential to deliver an enduring legacy for their founders, employees, and customers receive the support and guidance they need to develop and realize their potential. Ashford also […]

Business Expert

 How Du Shuanghua is Spearheading the Success of His Steel Organization through Risk Taking

Not many companies in the business sector are willing to take risks in their business operations. However, the majority of the organizations in the entire business sector have consistently shown that they are interested in safe operational approaches. This means that such businesses are only interested in ensuring that they are maximizing the best strategies […]


The rise and rise of Alexander Payne in film-making

Constantine Alexander Papadopoulos, widely known as Alexander Payne, is an acclaimed director, producer, and scriptwriter with great achievements in Hollywood. He is a second-generation Greek-born in 1961 in Omaha, Nebraska, to Peggy and George Payne, who owns a Greek restaurant, being the last born among three brothers. Alexander studied Spanish and History at Stanford University […]


Randy Douthit

One of the areas and passions that judge Judy, the producer of Randy Douthit, has and cannot hide is her love and passion for Ferraris. Judge Judy is a passionate and competent driver, and she doesn’t do drugs or even enjoy a drink. Randy Douthit is quite passionate about cars. Being a native of the […]


Dfinity’s Newest Project

The Dfinity Foundation, set up by Dfinity USA in 2021, is partnering with United Esports and Esports Media to launch a contest for developers to build a game on the platform. The series will begin later in 2022, and its host will be Mitch Leslie, who is called “Uber Shouts” in the sports industry. The […]