Alexander Payne Discusses Getting a Screenplay Moved to the Big Screen

Alexander PayneAlexander Payne is a well-established filmmaker in the movie business. His more famous works are Sideways, The Descendants, Nebraska, and About Schmidt. His opinions on making films are of interest to many screenwriters and film enthusiasts, as he has had success making movies and knows what is the right kind of script or project to get made into a film. What exactly is his advice to get a script made into a film?

Alexander Payne mainly views scripts as needing the right kind of fine tuning and tweaking to get made into something fit for a big screen in a cinema. His preferences when he reads a new script is something written in a clean and simple way that is clear to read. He dislikes scripts that have too much little minute details put into it. He claims this is because a submitted script must be entertaining to really draw in a filmmaker. So perhaps having two copies of a script is a good idea. A screenwriter could write a more in depth script to keep or to use for future reference. And then from that script create something new and more simplified that can be submitted to a filmmaker because it isn’t full of too many sides’ notes or unnecessary things.

Alexander Payne Alexander Payne also suggests that scriptwriters should keep their total scripts down to about 120 pages or less. Because more than that can stress out a director and also means a project might end up being much longer than what a director may want it to be. About 100 pages is a perfect number of pages in his opinion, because it allows for things to be added or for there to be pauses in the dialogue for a filmmaker to add in just filmed scenes without dialogue. Alexander Payne actually complains that movies nowadays are often way too long and often times not enjoyable for that reason. He insists movies that are about 2 hours or just under 2 hours in length are actually the perfect length for movie directors and movie goers alike.